Dare to Dair?

lol i am so late to the party tbh

anyway, wanted to ask you: do you guys still have ship wars or has it blown off finally?

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a topic of mild importancy

What? Eric H

he's bob.

don't question it.

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the end of gg

how do you imagine gossip girl will end?

also omg, i haven't been here for so long.

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"I bought us a house in rural Sweden just to bypass this trivial loophole."

how very thoughtful of you 

but wait

if you're 15, then you can come live in Poland!!!11!1oneoneeleven

and you can marry at 16 with your parents' permission

/pimping my country out

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The boob thread

Awww Arthur <3 We miss you and Jas too! BUT I SHALL STALK YOU ON TUMBLR AND ALL SHALL BE WELL~ I don't come on much here either (cept for the drama and boobs!) But everyone on chat misses you <3



you missed me?

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you mean like a prostitute

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is that a title of some clip you're recommending me because it sounds like a pretty good short porn film

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bbl going on redtube

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WTF? Teen choice awards 2011 nominations ?

lol the tca don't mean shit

i'm just gonna leave this here

also i saw the OP say that damon's more of a villain than chuck because he made more mistakes. personally, i wouldn't say making a certain amount of mistakes makes you a villain, it's more with what you do after you already make them, and that's not even the dictionary definition of a villain.

plus, ed's been nominated for villain on tca twice before, so i don't see why it bugs you now.

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Dan and Serena need to come back

but where should i go to say hai

i am so confused

this is what happens when you're gone for like three months



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