Favorite Character?

cant pick between victoria and emily.. they are soo different yet so similar.. its hard to explain

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seasn 3commencment date

just a little over a month... cant wait!!!

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Predictions for Season 3

jack is going to be pissed for like the majority of the season, but then somehow he'll team up with ems and then kick some grayson asses

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Do you recognise who is it?

She still looks the same to me..

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Keep Your Friends Close (Season 1)

Is it really Ian? because the other day, at the end of the epi they showed Lucas' shoes filled with mud. Today, at the end they showed Ian's face. It's so confusing!! First they make us think it's Jenna, then Toby, then Lucas and now Ian? Although I kind of think it might be Ian since in the video excerpt that the FBI had cut off the scene where Ian is talking to the camera.. Who knows :S All I know is that waiting for the next half episodes of Season 1 will be HARD!
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Give me 5 reasons to watch season 3.

i watch it because of 5 people:


1) JESSICA STROUP-- i love silver!

2) JESSICA LOWNDES -- adrianna is so pretty

3) ANNALYNNE MCCORD -- i loveher bitchy attitude in the show

4) MATT LANTER -- one word HOTTIE

5) SHENAE GRIMES (i loved her more in the first season) -- she was cute in the first season, hopefully her character has charm this coming season

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navid + naomi


i love them both but, them as couple is a BIG NO NO!

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Is Ezra coming back?

yea he was nominated for some kids choice award i think for this show.. i miss him too

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Pilot (Season 1)

loved this episode!

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Future Guest Stars? (Spoilers)

I would stop this show from the moment he steps in that show!!

I would love to see AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Stroup, or Jessica Lowndes (all from 90210) since im not liking that show so much but i still am because of these 3 lol

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