Stelena Appreciation Thread

where are the pictures? i love this thread bc it shows my main man....


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I am so facking pissed

thanks guys but nothing has captions online it seems like. I appreciate it :)

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Jeremy Gilbert Fans

I love Jeremy ;) He is one of my favorites.

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I am so facking pissed

So I wait for my roomate to get home from work to watch TVD because we are both obsessed.

She gets home at 10. It airs at 8.

My nephew was watching TV last night and with out my knowledge, stopped the recording at 8:06 to watch THE DAMN NOTEBOOK!!!!!

So imagine me and my roomate at 10 pm (my ass is tired from a looonggg and stressful day at work) with our PB a J's and popcorn, to find out that we only have 6 minutes of the show. And that includes the scenes from last week and the show theme song thingy. (whatever its called).

I'm in the US, it doesn't replay until the season is completely over. I have hearing aids because I'm very hard of hearing so Youtube is out of the question because it doesn't offer closed captions.

So I am completely screwed. And pissed. I wanted to see a bad ass Caroline sooooo bad!!

Was it wrong that I yelled at him and then went to my room and slammed the door? Also - my roomate is obsessed with One Tree Hill and he stopped the recording to watch facking Prom Night. She missed the 1st 10 minutes of the season premire.

Sorry for ranting but I just read the review and got pissed all over again.

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Damon or Stefan? Who and why?

he has loss alot of weight :( I like my guys kinda meaty so skinny Paul kinda was a turn off for me

I really hope he gains some weight back. At least in his face/neck area!!

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Spoilers - Season 2 Foreshadowing

I see her as one. I think we may just see the transformation take place and somehow she will make it last with Matt.


Maybe it's just wishful thinking. I really love Caroline :)

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Questions 2x01

What's your opinion on things rhat happened on this episode?

1) Was Turning Caroline a good idea or will she be another Vicky Donavan and probably end uo being killed off? I think it was :) and I don't really see her going anywhere. I hope she makes it through the show.

2) Do you think that Damon really saw tht Jeremy was wearing the ring or did he still think Jeremy had Anna's blood in his system or did he just kill him because he was hurt and he's Damon? I don't think he did. I think that he truly wanted to hurt Elena and saw his chance to be back to his evil self.

3) Do you think Stefan still has feelings for Katherine? Yea - but not enough to leave Elena. i think he will always feel for her but like anyone will always feel for thier first love.

4) Do you think Damon was hurt more when Katherine said she never loved him and that it was always Stefan or when ELena said that she cared about him but that she loved Stefan and that it's always gonna be Stefan? Katherine. She has always been number 1 to him and I think with Elena he is thinking he likes her because she is one of the few people that have actually cared about him so he interpreted her feelings wrong. Plus - Elena only reminds him of Katherine.

5) In one of the end scenes were Jeremy comes back to life after Damon killed him, Elena had a weird smile. (I maybe reading too much in to it) but do you think there was a reason behind that smile or was it just that she was happy that Jeremy was alive? That he was alive.

6) Do you think Stefan really hates Katherine? And does Elena hate Damon? I think they each hate them in thier own but very diffrent ways. I think Stefan dislikes Katherine because of the type of person and what she does but doesn't hate her completely. Elena soooo hates Damon right now. Jeremy is her brother and what Damon did to him cannot be taken back.

7) Do you think Damon is capable of killing Katherine? No - he has too many feelings for her.

8) Favorite quote? Katherine: his eyes are so blue! I love her :)

 9) Do you think Elena would have kissed him back? No


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Damon and Katherine

hell i think he should stay away from both! neither are good for his emotional health obviously - i mean he attempted to kill jeremy when he got denied from both. people get denied all the time and you don't see them snapping necks!

Carolines going to be vamping it up! why couldnt they be a match made in heaven now that she knows what he is???

just a thought.....

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Oh Gawd

oh yea - did anyone else notice that it looked like Paul has lost ALOT of weight???

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Now, for you diehard fans, a taste of what is in store:

The first five minutes alone will have you gasping. It picks up exactly where we left off—with a certain someone giving someone else a five-finger discount. I honestly can''t count the number of surprises I did not see coming...There are that many. Whether you like it or not, you diehard Damon (Ian Somerhalder) fans are gonna be more drawn to Stefan (Paul Wesley) than ever. Let's just say he's not taking kindly to any threats to his precious Elena (of the kissing kind or otherwise), and you'll see him protect her in a way that is both ridonkulously hot and notably Damon-esque. (Paul Wesley, you are so owning the role of "Ste-fuh" in this episode, my friend. Kudos.) Nina Dobrev knocks it out of the park as Katherine, giving the role just the right amount of edge, while not overdoing it, and as a testament to her acting ability: I want to punch Katherine in the face. Yay! If you're trying to figure out who's who tonight, here is your guide to Katherine versus Elena: The bigger the hair, the tighter the pants, the closer to evil.  Ian Somerhalder is fantastic as always, and you'll spend much of the episode debating whether you want to kiss him or kick him in the teeth. A certain diehard fan faction who loves a certain coupling will be weeping after tonight's episode, and I welcome you to our comments section or my Twitter (@kristindsantos) for a little post-mordem group therapy. The upside? The heartbreak in tonight's episode sets up what is looking like a fantastic season two. Dare I say possibly even better than season one? Too early to tell, but in case this entire love-letter post didn't give it away, I'm feelin' it 

soooo on point. I was not expecting half of the things that happened. I had a feeling that the Damon/Elena relationship was what she was talking about but I didn't think that it would be to this extent.


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