The premiere ia always a parallel connected to the finale... remember that.

Yes I love this Idea too. :D

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Blair's Baby - Who's the Daddy?

I think this sl sucks!! It is the possible worst sl you could do to a character (who btw has grown so much). I'm sad. what a great way to destory a 4 season growth. She isn't even ready to be a wife (SHE IS 20 YEARS OLD). I am upset not because I'm a dairshipper (which I am). I don't even care who the father is because she shouldn't be pregnant in the first place. :(

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Spoiler from Writers re: Dan (Spoilers)

This spoiler is good because it does not contain anything about Chair in it...

then why did you click on it when it said spoiler about Dan? I actually am excited for Dan's book sl and Penn is finally getting back to be a leading character in this series. I have always been a fan of Dan so I am happy he is finally getting his chance to shine and I don't think that this sl arc will be a 2 episodes I think it will be a season long sl.

I doubt Vanessa will give it to Blair (as much as I ship Dair) I don't think that will happen. I don't want it to be something stupid though maybe she gave the book to Georgina or something and when Georgina comes back (I think she will with her working together with Ivy/Charlie) she will be the one to out Dan's book to the UES.

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Dare to Dair?

I miss them also but that video is awesome.

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Kaylee Defer injured on a movie set!!

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Out of the list, what character do you dislike the most?

Olivia I actually like Riana and Ivy because Riana has actually morals on the UES and Ivy is an interesting character and I can't wait to see where the writers take her.

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Season 5 - What do you want?

Stop focusing the plot lines on the main couples have individual sls for each person because it is getting people angry to have there ship destroyed weather it is Dair, Derena, Chair, Rufus/lily, or whoever. And then maybe have the main couple sls on the back burner while the individual sls are going.

What I want

Dan-his book a success and go on a tour or something

Blair-Stop playing princess and go back to College and have a goal that doesn't involve Chuck or any love interest.

Serena-Keep working on that movie and grow up and become independent and have goals.

Nate-Give him a sl that makes him do something (build a boat or make him work at an internship)

Chuck-actually sell BI and leave your Fathers legacy behind and do something for you maybe go travel or go back to college and find out who you are.

Dair interaction (weather it is friendship/relationship stuff), Rufus/Dan, Lily/Dan interaction, Jenny coming back for a four episode arc. Blair/Serena friendship, NO PREGNANCIES (for the UES young adults) More Rufus/Lily interaction, family interaction. Chuck/Lily interaction and maybe more Chuck/Nate and even Dan/Chuck interaction.

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How To Make S5 A Success!

chuck should go back to college i think..

I agree with this have all of them go to college. even chuck he is an young adult not a 40 year old person (who should be in charge of a company).

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Georgina Sparks Appreciation Thread

my favorite line in that episode was "I haven't been this bored since I believed in Jesus."

She seriously saved this episode if she wasn't even guest starring I don't think I would have watched.

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