Brittany appreciation thread

Very funny ... but she's a terrific dancer, too.  Mike is kind of distinct in his style and stands out and so deserves all the praise he gets for dancing ... but Brittany does the dance routines just so much better than the others -- like if there's a dip, she dips lower, if there's a move to either side, she goes a little farther and moves a little more sinewy.  And look at the way she was doing flips without stopping between in the "Jump" number.

She never sings a solo, so maybe she can't sing very well ... but she can dance!

Did YOU know dolphins were just gay sharks?

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Glee Movie Trilogy

The one thing I was thinking is that movies would have to be set in the summer so as to stand alone. Many things come to mind, then. Here's three:

I could see Rachel signing everyone up for a music camp and even arranging for the camp to provide the cost for everyone. How? Well, by the glee club members having to serve as camp counselors for all the 10-12 year old kids. The climax of the camp being the show the kids and counselors are to put on. And the humor and warmth being the ways the various glee club personalities deal with the kids and their mischief/problems.

Or here's an idea to include Jesse -- again, during the summer. Maybe some kind of accident or injury or health problem that will mean Rachel's mother will be on medical leave from teaching ... with a new baby to take care of. And Rachel and Jesse get both glee clubs to "put on a show." Can imagine sub plots that bring the baby back into play and Rachel and her mother developing some kind of relationship, maybe some comic permit problems, etc.

A third idea, for after they are national champions is some kind of foreign tour. It could be as simple as to London ... but some really strange countries would be more fun.

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Songs on Glee

early Britney Spears ...
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Principal Figgins is bringing sexy back

He's sure mostly a comic stereotype -- but I really liked when he came in the Glee music room when Shuester was getting the truth out of Quinn (Bad Reputation) about the Glist.  Just the glance he gave her, he knew ... and he did what was best for the student in that case.  Bravo! that bit of writing.

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Rachel & Finn

I do like Rachel and Finn! What I like is that Finn is so in over his head with a larger than life ambition like Rachel's -- but his character cab point out to her when she's all maudlin about Sue being a judge and the end of Glee that she could have turned it around

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Favorite Character?

Rachel is my favorite.  She really is annoying and self-centered -- but she's so likeable.  She's certainly talented (but there is a lot of singing and dancing talent on the show, even if the dancing talent isn't the singing talent); but maybe she's so likeable because she cares so much about Glee, and as much as she annoys everyone, she'll figure out the way for them not to be embarrassed, for instance (Showmance).

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