I loooooove the scene. I have to admit that it was worth all the waiting, because the entire epsiode kind of pissed me off, especially all scenes of Dan.

And lucky piano in deed.

Next week looks sooooo good :)

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Blair and Dan should NEVER happen. I don't even want them to be friends.

Chair Forever

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Chuck sleeping with Jenny vs. Blair sleeping with Jack (Spoilers)

Chuck and Jenny although disgust me beyond measure, but Jack and Blair are far worse. He is about twice her age and Chuck's uncle. There are two big rules she just broke. Chuck and Jenny isn't surprising, because there were hints of them since the very first episode. Jack and Blair was totallly unexpected.To think Blair with him is sooooooooooooooooooo nasty. 

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Gossip Girl will hit 5-7 millions in ratings this season!Check why!!!...

I would like for Brit to go on. But if she gets on to be Nate or Dan's new love interest tha forget it because it will reuin the whole purpose of her being on. I say hook Brit up with Chuck. That will be one hot couple. Then this way, there will be some Blair vs Brit's character fighting

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best quotes ever.

I love Chuck's quote in season one at his father's wedding, "In the face of true love you don't just give up, even if the oject of your affection is begging you too."

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I hate all the Humphrey's family member. They bored me to death and at times, I hate them like hell. Rufrus and his issues with Lily is nothing more than a waste of screentime on the show. Dan is too much of a bitch himself to actually care about others. He's judgemental but in a way no one can stand. Jenny and Jenny. Nobody likes her and nobody will. Base on the UK promo for the season finale she will be hated more than ever. Because she is coming in between my favorite couple; Chair. Any characters that have come between Chuck and Blair are doom because they are going up against a huge fan base. If she does, Jenny will piss off a lot of people. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

The Humphrey's should all go back to Brooklyn and just stay there. They don't belong in Manhattan and they never will

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All Things Chair

Whether Chuck and Blair get back together next episode, or the last, they are end game. Chair is meant to be and no one can stop that from happening.

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Though I am not a Dair fan at all, I can deal with them being friends to a certain point. Of course no matter what happens no one can deny the truth and it is Blair and Chuck will always find their way back to each other. She said so herself in this episode that they belong together and that she has never love someone so much.

Chair Forever.

I am wondering however, as to where you got the picture of Dan and Blair. Is it a promotional picture for future episodes or was it a copy and paste photo? 

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Dark Chair

At this point I will take Chair in any form :)

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OMG! Preview for Next Week (Spoilers)

I have seen better episodes than this, but this was by far the most dramatic we have seen in quite some time.

Vanessa and Dan is getting annoying already as a couple. Their relationship is just boring so who cares if it's a friends with benefit thing or not. I thought it was so unrealistic of Nate and Serena to be so cool about the situation like, "Score! You nailed my ex!"

Nate and Serena the golden couple? I though goldem meant you have to have smarts, and base on the way they tried to get at Jack didnot proove they had any. Something big is so about to go down with Jenny and Nate in the future. I kind of wish Carter would come back because I prefer him and Serena over her and Nate.

Blair's and Eleanor's scene after the show when she was admitting she didn't have any friends at NYU was one of the best scene of the episode. Their bonding time was very touching and I like te fact that there was a sweet and innocent side to Blair we got to see.

So for about 5 seconds Elizabeth was Chuck's mom, then she said she wasn't but only to lie about tha because she really was???? What is up with her? I'm lad she is gone because my baby doesn't need someone like her. Yes!!! Blair and Chuck are teaming up to take down Jack. The last scene ended very nicely. Ending with Chair is always the best way to go. I have a hard time believing that Blair would stay so calm at the fashion show when knowing her love is in trouble. I was of course disappinted by the lack of Chair.

OMG!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WFT!!!!!!!I can not believe what I saw for the promo for next weeks episode. This cannot be happening!!!!! If the producers and writers really are making Blair doing the nasty with Jack again, then I have lost all respect for them!!! They will ruin the entire show if they really followed through. I can only hope now that nothing happens with Blair and Jack. My stomach turns everytime I think about it!!!!!!! Please Don't Let It Happen!!!

Chair Forever!!!

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