GG Couples (Past Or Present) With Best Chemistry

The only couple I have ever been a fan of due to their extreme chemistry is Chuck and Blair. I have always love them pre-Chair and all, but these two together are unbelievable. Til now my favorite GG scene has to be the Limo Scene. That was utterly epic, and it did it for me. And my second, third, fourth, fifth and so forth favorite scenes are still of Chair with or without other characters, so there is really no point to even consider a second and thrid place couple because they to me are not even a fraction of what Chair is. They are so disfunctional, yet it is so natural.

Chuck and Blair are the best couple ever and I know they will stay that way.

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All Things Chair

Nothing makes Gossip Girl the best show ever than Chuck and Blair being together. Chair all the way!!!

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Dair vs. Chair!!

Dan and Blair? That can not be done. These two would be horrible together. Chuck and Blair are the best couple on the show. Chair all the way!!!

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New Promo - Chuck w/o a shirt...Blair and Nate... (Spoilers)

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

First off, I do not like Blair getting involved with Carter. Second, is Chuck and Vanessa having a thing for each other? Third why is Blair seducing Nate? And fourth, please tell me it was Blair and Chuck in the very last scene together.

I want my favorite couple ever; Chuck and Blair to get back together. I love that scene of Chuck and Blair making out against the wall.


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Chuck and blair photo thread.

I love this thread! Please upload more Chair pics. I hate the fact that I can't.

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NEW NB KISSING PICS!?!?!? (not snow ones) (Spoilers)

I saw that picture too and I am right now going crazy and not in the good way. It was bad enough that Nate and Blair kiss the first time in a very long and wonderful time, but now they are kissing again. So pretty much everything is a complete disaster.  I WANT CHUCK AND BLAIR!!!!!!!! Blair "don't belong with Nate; never have, never will"

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I agree because if Chuck and Blair aren't getting back together anytime soon, there better be flashbacks of them. Everyone knows that Chuck and Blair are the show.

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I am kind of a new member to this site, but if anyone has a problem with Chair-Fans, Chuck-Fans or Blair-Fans, they should just come right out and say it because I am a fan of all three and I hate it when people criticize each others likes and dislikes.

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For the First Time I was Bored with Chuck's Storyline

I definitely know what you mean. The storyline created for Chuck in episode 17 was almost pointless. Because all of a sudden, out of nowhere he gets an invitation to a mask party, meet "the most beautiful woman he seen" almost had sex with her, and woke up being drugged the night before. I understand that sometimes storylines needs to have more fantasy to make it interesting, but this one is just boring, and unbelievable. A character like Chuck deserves so much more than this.

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I do have to agree with you on the whole Chuck's storyline in "Carnal Knowledge". I thought it was pathtic and just another lame excuse to keep Chuck and Blair apart. However, despite my opinion I will always remain a true and loyal fan of Chair so I do believe they can recover and once they do it will be even better. I am losing a little bit of hope but I am doing my best to keep it up. I love Chuck and Blair.

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