And what about DERENA???? :S (Spoilers)

Sorry, but I am not in need of Dan and Serena getting back together. I still haven't celebrate my time when these two are apart...wait, were they ever apart? Dan and Serena broke up and got back together like 6 times, when will it be for good?

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Chuck Bass may be the womanizer but Nate Archibald definitely learned something from his teacher. Nate doesn't deserve Blair. Chuck and Blair are meant to be together. So basically what I'm saying is for now Blair and Nate could be friends; although if they were to stay like this; not having any scenes together I would be a much happier person.

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"tell those chuck and blair fans to hang in there." - stephanie savage (Spoilers)

All I want is for Chuck and Blair to be together, so I am trying to hang on as best as I could.

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Carrnal Knowledge (Season 2)

I have to say that I am glad Blair will seek revenge on Ms. Carr because she deserves. You can't just mess with B and expect for her to admit defeat. I just hope Chuck and Blair will have interact in this episode and have more scene together. Because last I checked in "You Got Yale" Chuck and Blair didn't even saw each other  :(

I just want my favorite couple ever to get back together.

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