Nowadays Katherine seems more popular than Elena :D





Book Elena = Less-Sociopathic-TV-Show-Katherine + Buffy from BtVS.

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What's ur least favourite character from TVD?



I know. Same for me. Her "talk" with her mother in season two finale was also heart-wrenching thing.  Or her "this is all I ever do" speech to Cordelia in season 3. Or her "i dont understand how to live in this world if these are the choices" speech in season5, or pretty much ANY and every scene of her in season 6(especially the whole "everything I feel, everything I touch. this is hell" part)  and 7.

Not to mention Anya's "but i don't understand how we go on through this" speech in season 5. And when a sociopathic thousand year old demon in BTVS  has more emotion and personality and feeling than your main character in tvd, you just know we have a HUGE  problem.

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Any male fan in this TVD page? :D


Wrong :P

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What's ur least favourite character from TVD?



A lot of problems with Elena come from how her character is written. WE KNOW N.Dobrev can act, but writers are are hellbent on making her unlikeable, boring, bland and emotionlessly stupid.

This is how exceptional and good tv show with likeable characters would handle teenager reaction to the idea of death. 


This is how TVD handles teenager reacting to the idea of death

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Ian about Damon,Stefan and season 2

What Ian says at the start pretty much is how I feel.  This show DOES NOT KNOW HOW to combine mythology exposition with character development. Otherwise what he says about damon pretty much confirms that K.Williamson is and has been pretty much copying character of Spike upon him.


Otherwise I hope Damon won't get pussified too much and that Stefan will actually GET to be EVIL actually.

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I am betting tv-Katherine will end the same way book-Katherine did, that is get killed by Elena(if the show will actually allow Elena to develop as character)

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If you could bring back any dead characters, which would you bring back?

none. Way too many characters have gone through "he is dead but wait he is not!" style of plots. ACTUALLY Dead characters returning to life would cheapen the concept of death even more.

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What's ur least favourite character from TVD?



I could stand her caring if we actually SAW her caring and going through emotionally on what is happening. Sadly we are not. We are only told she does. Through ENTIRETY of season 2 we got what? ONE scene where she shown any sort of strong emotion(and even that was basically redux of certain buffy scenes and had no build up, unlike the mentioned scenes).


AS it stands now, Elena is flat as stick. She does not react, she does not display any sort of personality, she does not DO anything, be it research or fracking cooking. She just IS...The whole of season 2 was pretty much spent on other characters reacting to her situation while she was pretty much used as plot device, as a thing.  The main plotline had all sorts of possibilities of exploring her character, yet they did not.

Caroline, her turn into vampire, etc, got HUGE development while Elena being freaking doppelganger, sacrifficial object, copy of someone in the past and target of everyone was pretty much glanced over as a plotpoint and only used as "lets protect her" plot type. Her reaction to all those things thrown at her? None. Her self-sacrificial ideas? Unbelievably stupid and unconvincing for a teenager character(Even Buffy went almost completely bonkers when she found out that she will have to die in season1 and Buffy pretty much lived in dangerous messed up things for far longer than Elena at that point). Her reaction to Klaus having literally killed her and her family? "Lets go see the movie!~ Because we need to be alright~~~" ? Again unrealistic and unconvicing. Its like Writers were searching for an excuse to NOT develop her there...on other hand we get the whole Alaric bonding with Jeremy, Jeremy's sadness and stuff...Elena? Nothing. The show just refuses to develop her.

Elena, as it stands now, looks like a complete freaking sociopath or someone who gets fed tons of prozac every hour. And useless one at that. She does not do anything, she does not react to anything and she is just there to advance the plot. She has NO LAYERS(unlike Katherine), no varied personality traits.


That was ok at the start as everyone thought she will be developed , but by new her "character" is growing more and more annoying.  She is just....bland as it is now.

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Anyone else just can't wait for Ringer?

Its after all the thing people have waited for 10 years for: The return of SMG to the tv screen.

Genre: Thriller/Drama/Noir

Story:  The show centers around Bridget, a druggie whose life has completely fallen apart after she got involved as witness in mysterious FBI case and someone put a hit on her head (supposedly) for that. Completely without hope, she receives a call from her estranged wealthy sister Siobhan, who wants to meet. Sisters seem to start to mend their relationship that was completely destroyed by strange events that are implied to have been Bridget's fault. However everything goes to hell, when during their boat trip together, Bridget claims Siobhan has disappeared. Being only one who knows that Siobhan is no more, Bridget steals her identity, in hopes of hiding from hitmen who have been trying to kill her. However when Bridget is almost killed while masquerading as Siobhan, she understands that Siobhan's life is not as nice as it seemed at the first glance and her wealthy manipulative sister lived very strange and twisted life where nothing is at it seems. Murders, secrets, betrayals, past, present, future - all the strange events in Siobhan's life are connected in very unique ways and soon, as everything goes more complex and more and more twisted, Bridget will find out that her taking Siobhan's identity might as well be a litteral rabbit's hole L.Carol's Alice fell into in that story.


According to SMG, "It's a true film noir. Everyone's a bad guy, everyone's a good guy, and you're not quite sure of anyone's motives or who to root for."

According to E!Online reviewers, "A modern Hitchcock movie of sorts, Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as two screwed-up twin sisters. One's a recovering junkie, one's a conniving mean girl, and both twins are simultaneously very dangerous and in danger. Confused yet?"

According to Television without Pity, its the most promising new fall show on tv. 



"SMG IS BACK" Trailer

Ringer Rooftop Clip

Ringer Mirrors Clip

Ringer Extended 3 Minute Preview(Some serious spoilers in the last 15 seconds)


IMO, this is THE show to watch on CW next year. Secret Circle might be promising and all, but it still can fall into the bad things TVD usually falls into. However with this? You can't go wrong with having SMG in lead role(s). Her role in buffy pretty much proved that she has a very ride array of portrayals ranging from evil to messed up to broken to cheery to sort-of-happy to depressed to insane.  Of course its way darker than your usual CW shows(but so was buffy at times). I can only hope that it can find its viewerbase(which is quite easy since all it has to compete with in that night is Glee and I doubt the viewerbase who would find a cheery singing ...thing....attractive enough would care about noir-ish psychological thrillers and vice versa)


P.S. Quite nice when it come fullcircle. Buffy was airing on the very same timeslot, in the very same channel all those years ago...

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The Secret Circle?????

Better than short trailers. However it still has that charmed-ish wibe I just can't quite put my finger on where and why.



- Hey they shown school! and parking lott! Maybe they WON'T be forgotten after first episode and we will have some sort of diversity of locations and see the supposed lives of characters. - Show tone and atmosphere does not look as "rosy and pink" as it did in trailer. - Main girl seems to have at least a bit of personality.


Charmed-like wibe.  I still fear that after first episode, the main girl suddenly will loose all of her personality(like it suddenly happened to Elena in second season). Hell, we already have "i am a martyr" style of plot setup :/  Magic so far seems...tame? hopefully it won't be tvd-like where alle very witch has is bassically mindwhammy+telekinesis+pyrokinesis...


Anyway, not as good as the ringer long-preview(and not as spoilery, HUGE spoilers beware for those who want to watch ringer's preview), however obviously you can't beat something that has freaking SMG in them as lead. However TSC seems too have some promise and looks better than expected.



P.S. Funny how the previous show T.Decker was cast as lead had acronym of "TSCC" and the current show has "TSC".

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