Why Elena should stay with Stefan

Partially yes. The word has roots in both romania and ancient rome and greece. The word actually is NOT known on where it started appearing, except that it was a general term transyvlanian people would use to describe the "night walkers"  more commonly known as vampires. Term is used by B.Stoker multiple times in his novel.

The roots of the word are very...very strange, on other hand. The theories of its roots range from it being a derivative of greek word "nosophoros"(disease-bearer) or roman words like nesuferitul or necuratul. However there is no known source of that word nor how it actually started to be used in printed press nor on if it even existed at all.


However yes, its the word used in the movie of the same name to describe Count Orlok due to copyright reasons.

And Master was a direct homage to Count Orlok, both in the way he looked or talked or acted.  Even the way he dies is a bit similar to the Nosferatu movie(in both cases him drinking from the main heroine indirectly leads to his death by outside factors)

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Why Elena should stay with Stefan

Buffy glossed over her problems. She still has those problems. Everyone still has issues with her. Its just that she sort of "loosened up" due to venting out all that rage and helplessness and others decided to cut her some slack once they finaly got what was going on. She is still a lot more cynnical and way more darker than in the first season and the overall "discomfort" and awkwardness between them all still builds up. (thats why I said that problems are never solved with a few minutes of talk). The fact that you can't just "mend" things by doing a simple talk is sort of ongoing theme here.


As for the way of revival. Notice that Giles said that "that ritual was never ever successful before". For all we know that ritual would have failed this time too.

Master was...one of oldest vampires. It was implied that he had quite a huge follow up in the old times(think few thousand years ago), but in the end only a small sect was left to follow him and he sort of built up  a religion around himself. However Originals are still older than him and there are some vampires as old, if not older. And Master is obviously based after Nosferatu. But even though not the oldest, Master was a whole lot more powerful than usual vampires. It is implied time and time again that Buffy got VERY lucky in s1 finale.

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Why Elena should stay with Stefan


"ripped off" is too strong of a wor.d


BtVS was partially inspired by TVD books(so the whole love triangle developments or Xander=Matt, Giles=Alaric and so on is to be expected). However from now on there will be certain scenes that were 1:1 copied/paid-tribute-to in TVD. There's even a certain episode in season3 of btvs that has been entirelly copied into TVD.


What I loved about Buffy's first "death",when compared to Elena's "first death" was that Buffy's one will have a pretty strong impact in the long-term. Everything here has long-term impact. Problems do not get solved with one simple talk. And death is not something that can be taken very easily in this show. There's no "revive"spells and reviving the dead without turning it into some gruesome thing is pretty much impossible. Even the "short" death Buffy had will have some long-term consequences to both her character and the storyline of the show.


IMO, season 2 is still the saddest season for me. Its the season where show starts to mature, plotlines start to connect, a lot of cheesier stuff gets dropped and the show starts to slowly get a bit more depressing with each episode(which lasts till the very end of the show) It is also a lot more focused on every character, instead of just focusing on Buffy. Everyone has certain plotlines with various huge surprises and those plotlines slowly connect. Everyone has secrets. Its where, the show, frankly got very cruel to the characters. While first season is pretty tame of "what the hell" moments, season 2 contains quite a few fast-paced episodes with at least a dozen of "what the hell just happened"moments and multiple signifficant events and revelations happening per episode(something that TVD is trying to imitate, but the problem is that tvd can't find the time to actually slow down a bit from time to time to develop characters)

Its also pretty much the season which starts the tendencies and certain "laws" that govern the show:

If viewers absolutely love the character, the character is pretty much doomed to die horrible and gruesome and sudden death. conflicts, problems, etc, might seem like they are getting solved by simple few minutes of talking, but they are not. They build up. being happy almost always results in some huge tragedy. birthdays=tragedies, holidays=horrible_panic_significant_events_and_tragedies. main characters are destined to suffer. a lot.
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Why Elena should stay with Stefan

1. Quoting Spike:  Love is not brains, people. Love is blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. . Logic does not matter here. They might fight, they might hate each other, they might feel guilt, but they will always end up toether.

2. Damon keeps saying he wants to kill stefan.  never gonna happen. He also keeps saying he is eeeviiiil. Not true. Elena saying she is not like katherine is her own opinion. She is more like her than she would ever want to admit. Hence why these two hate each other - they see the sides each other denies in each other, Elena in Katherine and Katherine in Elena.

3. Stefan and Elena is a stale relationship. When one is too busy agreeing with everything the other is saying, there's no communication nor development. Elena and Damon challenge each other, reveal each other's hidden sides.  They force each other to change, to be better for the sake of each other. They both save and redeem each other. That IS what term soul-mate is about.

4. I am sorry to say but then you have missed the entire point of entire finale. It was his mind and soul finaly accepting the fact that he kept chasing after the woman who was not worth it and was only using him, him his entire life.  He kept making wrong decisions in sake of her and Damon finaly realized and accepted the fact that it is HIM and only HIM to be blamed for all of that and not stefan. Stefan did force-feed Damon in  ahuge dick-move, but he did not force all those wrong decisions that Led damon where he is. And in the end, the only good thing to ever come out of the misery, loss and wrong decisions is that all of them led eventually him there, to his true love, to Elena. Damon became at peace with himself, accepted the fact that it was his own fault that everything turned out the way he did and he no longer is choosing the past, Katherine. He is now looking towards the future and present, Elena.

5.Any actual facts to back that up? Damon and Elena are "twin flames", two parts of the whole that can't be separated, so similar yet opposite, just like two sides of the heart.

6. Or Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Or Gone with the Wind. Or dozens of other stories with the focus of Girl getting over her crush and developing true love towards the persons she did not "notice"  before.

7. As there are thousands of reasons of why she should be with Damon :)

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Any suggestions?

Watched one episode of new Nikita and dropped it...It will never top the awesomeness that was original La Femme Nikita TV show.


That one was deep, intense and very complicated show with awesome themes and characters...


the nikita reboot on other hand feels...hollow...devoid of any spirit of creativity...

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Delena never gonna happen!

I frankly doubt we would have a very definitive endgame anyway.


It will either be DELENA, or unclear(for example Elena dying or Buffy/Katherine approach of "why the hell should I choose?" to the problem).


As for it "never happening".  <sarcasm>yeh sure...spike and buffy also obviously never ever happened and entire 4 last seasons of their love-hate relationship surely were  just an imagination in the heads of fanbase. Elena/Damon in the books also obviously NEVER happened and last few books surelly did not build them up as endgame...</sarcasm> Let's face it. DE happening is innevitable. Will it be endgame?  NO one knows(imo if writers have any bit of decency they will honor Author's wishes and make it endgame), but the fact that it will happen is certainity.

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Catherine or Elena


Not surprising. Elena has a good foundations, but the show practically strips away anything fun or interesting about her and barelly lets Nina Dobrev to even shine in her role. We all know N.Dobrev has the guts to act the hell out of anything, but the show is so determined to only give Elena "and I care there standing" type of scenes instead of something interesting. This is why BTVS was such a good show. It did not fear to let various actors and characters to have scenes where they get to shine. Its no wonder that characters like Katherine are based quite a lot on characters from that show.

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Season 3; Delena & Stefan 'The Ripper'

I certainly hope the betray klaus part is "I will now be badguy instead of you" and not "ha i have been playing you all along, I have always been this big fluffy puppy and never went bad, ha!"



Because if its latter...I am disappointed...

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Why has Elena become so annoying?

Elena lacks, for the reason of term, a "darker" edge of her personality. Thats the part that is annoying.


She is not allowed to make mistakes, selfish decisions or be at fault for anything. She is not allowed to have fun(unless her idea of fun is the same as of 40 year old woman in victorian times).


Yo do not need the character to go evil for him/her to be fun to watch and see(Buffy could never have been defined as "evil", but it did not forbid her to grow darker and more messed up through each season, from constantly hiding something from her friends,  from making mistakes, from being a complete biatch at times, from emotionally hurting people she cares about, from trying to kill pretty much every friend she has at least twice in the series or from acting like a psychopathic control freak to the point that everyone would betray her).

I do not even expect for Elena to go as "dark" or "deep" as Buffy has through years, but I do expect Elena to be fallible, to be human, to actually HAVE personality traits that could not be described as "holy messiah"...


She just...cares, stands, cries and makes statements. And thats why her character feels so...hollow when compared to Katherine

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Catherine or Elena

Let''s see.



if talking about Books, then Elena hands down.  hated book-katherine, while Elena was one of the most colorful and fun characters.


if talking about the show, then Katherine hands down. tv-Elena has yet to show any of real personality. Whule Katherine is the true star of every scene she is in. Reminds me of what would happen  if Buffy would have gone(completely) crazy.

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