Any suggestions?

Buffy The Vampire slayer is THE MUST WATCH show. It started the whole vampires-on-tv thing and 99% of tv shows on tv right now have things invented and innovated in BtVS. Hell, Vampire Diaries bassically runs on a mix of tvd book plots combined with plotlines, scenes and characters from BtVS.

Veronica Mars is great show too. It does not have supernatural elements, however it has a lot of awesome things. Its bassically a detective show mixed with usual cw-style drama. It focuses on a girl, Veronica Mars. At first she is naive girl trying to fit in in a new town where her father is a sheriff. However all it takes is her getting raped in a college party for her to realize that this town has many dark secrets and that she will never fit in here. Everyone will think of her as of an outcast, humiliate her. Its all about her trying to get over her "experience" and starting a sort-of private detective agency in hopes of cleaning up this town and punishing those who raped her.

Another good one is Moonlight - a short lived one season show on CBS.  It had quite inventive fight scenes for TV(considering they were choreographed by the guys responsible for Matrix movies) and it also had a very...unique main cast and the show did not fear even a bit to "dirty up" every one of them. Mick(main character), certainly is not just another good tortured vampire and has certain shades of gray. Not to mention the canon pairing is something viewers could actually root for as it did not feel as forced as for example 99% of main vampire pairings in tv shows(*cough*stelena*cough*)

Fringe is another show I would recommend. Its a whole lot more mature, though, contains a very much of yucky scary sick deaths and is very confusing.

Then there's Lost Girl. Cheesy rompy journey into life of one very confused succubus looking for her origins and being stuck in between two supernatural factions.

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First season is mostly homages to famous horror movies (as at first it was intended to be a miniseries).There's ongoing theme  of Buffy's life and character and how all those cases affect her life and relationships she has with people. Its also used to introduce us to characters that are important and to kickstart the whole Buffy/Angel relationship. There is quite a bit of foreshadowing about the things that will happen in the show, as far as season 5 or 6 (for example the episode which is based around nightmares foreshadows a lot of big  things in the main storyline). The episodic stories themselves are used in first season to introduce how various things(like witches) will work in this show.


Then quite a huge thing happens at the end of season 1 and season 2 sort of juggles multiple ongoing storylines alongside the occurences in the town. As the season goes on those occurences start to be connected to each other and intertwine with the ongoing plotlines. And some of those episodic plotlines are used only as decoy to suddenly shift the entire show into a very different directions. I'd say season 2 is where the show gets REALLY good at using tvd like mood shifts(You know the whole "oh everything is okay and then this...OMG WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?" type of twists).


Of course there are still just stand-alonge episodes there and here, but even they have certain underlying theme that is important.


If looking back at entirety show, as storyline progresses and things are revealed, show gets darker and darker and the main storyline and characters take focus of attention.




P.S. Fun fact: SMG originally auditioned for the role of Cordelia, but got the role of Buffy. C.Carpenter originally auditioned for role of Buffy, but got role of Cordelia  -  Same thing happened with TVD. Nina Dobrev auditioned for Caroline but got Elena, C.Accola auditioned for Elena but got Caroline.

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Klaus is making a hybrid army

So its start of august and somewhere in october ends the second season.

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SPOILER interview with Nina,Paul and Ian)it's funny also)



Well, I have seen this, in this forum, twice, about a week ago in the thread where all the interviews are :P


There was even a discussion about things revealed in these interviews and thats what sparked the whole "normalcy is lacking in the show, Elena is lacking in the character" argument.

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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3?



And thats the thing this show is doing wrong.



Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars dealt with running a private detective agency, attending college, trying not to get killed by those who want her dead, dealing with personal issues and outcast status, having romances AND solving the cases AND figuring out the ongoing plot.

Buffy in BtVS pretty much had entire supernatural world part that cares wanting her dead, dated a vampire(well, two vampires, cue triangle, well actually, love pentagon, but does not matter), dealt with personal issues, family issues, friends issues, romance issues, town secrets, various characters plotting their way to power, psychological toll all the events take on her and a hell of ammount of vampires, werewolves and various other creatures eating and killing people...AND we still got to see her normal life, saw her ice-skating, knew perfectly the school she is attending and what she is doing there, saw her life in university and other normal things.


They do not need to "focus" or separate things. They need to integrate normal and casual places, interests, hobbies into the plotlines. Not all plots need to take place in Boarding House/Grill/Elena'shouse where characters come in, conveniently having nothing else to do.

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Klaus is making a hybrid army

@Elena Winchester.


WE KNOW that Originals are family, Elijah told that.


We know that there are 7 siblings (including Klaus and Elijah) and Father and Mother Originals.



The whole ripper stuff seems to be just a bonus. he says right up that "he has big plans for him". Katherine is just a small distraction, he obviously wants something speciffic for/from Stefan.


Winter is yet to come. We started in the spring, went to the start of summer, 2010 in the end of season2, thats around half a year for two seasons, more or less.


Normalcy can be balanced with supernatural. In fact it needs to be. Writers do NOT need to separate those two and best way to do it would be to balance between supernatural and normal, having scenes relating to supernatural stuff happen in quite normal places in quite normal actions.  Showing Matt clean some tables for three minutes is NOT what makes normalcy.


For example: we know that we will have many Elena-guilt-angst scenes next season. So lets see the options:A) Have her sit in boarding house and angst there.

B) Have her zone out in the shopping mall with Caroline, Jeremy or Bonnie in the shopping mall, not hearing what they are saying to her,cue angst.

C) Have her zone out in class or mistake some other guy for Stefan, cue angst.

So far, in every situation, show would take option A...


There are thousands of ways of adding normalcy while still going on about supernatural plot and I came to conclusion that this show just does NOT try to do that...

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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3?



Betting on College being season 4, too.(obviously considering thats what happened in btvs).


S1 and S2 of tvd happened in the same year. Next year should be the last year of school and then college.

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Klaus is making a hybrid army

If they will EVER kill Katherine, I'm 1000% sure they will have Elena do it, just like it was in the books.


I'm thinking its not just hybrid army Klaus wants.  He specifically wanted Stefan. Not Damon, not any other vampire, but Stefan. There is something about Stefan, Klaus wants to use in some way and I doubt its just about creating more of his kind.


I am betting it will be Elena and Damon and everyone else trying to figure out a way to get Stefan back to the good side, at first, as Stefan keeps doing  some scary evil stuff, hurting people and evading them, etc. Then we most likely will have Stefan kill someone Elena cares about and we will have a split of opinions: Elena and Damon will still want to save Stefan, while someone, like, let's say Jeremy or Bonnie will think its better to end him before someone else gets hurt.


Jeremy I see being in the "prophet" role. He might be told things about what will happen, about Klaus plans, stefan, about Elena and so on. But I do NOT see it as a gift. I see it as a burden as the "ghosts" will obviously take a toll on both his relationships and on his sanity. Its a consequence its not a gift and I think it will BE a consequence and not  a new neat superpower. It will be a burden. I just hope it does NOT overshadow other characters like Elena.


Damon and Elena - now I FULLY expect A LOT of awkwardness between them next season, maybe evading or trying to deny things, which will make their interactions with each other and others VERY fun to watch(maybe not as fun as it was watching Spike and Buffy go all angry at each other and act awkward around others, but still, fun)


I am also thinking we will have at  least 3 month timeskip. Either at the very beginning of the season(leaving cliffhanger unsolved) or in the midseason.

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Has anyone considered this? (Tyler/Caroline + season 3 theory)

@Mrs Niklaus, the original wife[Klaus i


I think its VERY likely.


Sunnydale was one of two Hellmouths. A center of anything and everything supernatural, to which everything was drawn towards - slayers, demons, vampires, etc - any force of supernatural would always end up here, either through strange coincidences or through sheer innability to resist the place.  And most of major universe-altering events would either happen in Los Angeles(because of who was living there) or in Hellmouth. Hell, the whole town had a purpose and it was no coincidence that it was built on such a location.


Everything, IMO, points to Mystic Falls being the "sunnydale/hellmouth" of tvd universe. We know that witches chose that place to migrate to from salem, we know that founding families slaughtered the witches there(somehow, we do not know how, maybe they had help from some kind of "mayor") and we ALSO know that ALL celtic druids speciffically relocated from europe to mystic falls region and THEN we have katherine, a doppelganger come here, another doppelganger coincidentally being BORN here and everything coincidentally happening exactly THERE.Everything old, everything new, everything comes back to here or originates from here. That nerd vampire even seemed to indicate that there's something about mystic falls that attracts supernatural.


I am thinking that there is a reason on why Mystic Falls is located on that place and on why everything seems to happen there, just like in btvs there were multiple reasons on why everything, every plot, every character, would "go back" to sunnydale


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And yet they coincidentally:

- Are seen holding hands in pretty much any and every photo.

- Have been travelling together for more than a year.

- Spend most of holidays together.

- Even the press ships them.


Yep, they sure are not dating. 

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