Elena, most underdeveloped and anti-feministic character in TVD?


Can't not to compare.


Buffy was HEAVILY based upon the book-elena and this show just loves to do paralels and homages to BtVs.



Anyway, the problem is still the same: Elena is just "there".


AS I said, like that princess in the fairytale.


We are told she cares, she loves every living thing and she is very compassionate, but we spend entirety of the story focusing on the good-hearted Knights Salvatore coming to her rescue, We get thousands of trials for them, thousands of other characters doing things, while Elena is just "this" goal, sitting there with a bare minimum of characterization and personality being toned down.



Buffy did something else. She went to school, she sometimes failed grades due to all the bad things going on, she had to study, she would get caught trying to leave school due to bad situations. She would go shopping. She would interact with characters. She would have actual PROBLEMS, like relationship with her mother and sister, all this supernatural crap taking a toll on her normal life, being sort of lonely and alone because of all this stuff and so on. We would see her making right and wrong choices, keeping or revealing secrets, being in conflict with her friends and getting together with them again and so on. And when she started to loose people she cared about, her life she cared about and etc, we actually could relate and care because we felt what she was going through and not just because "oh poor elena, she lost all her parents, how sad". We actually saw her personality, her character and how everything that is going on affected her.


Elena has all bad things happening around yet all she gets is scenes where she cares about people or where she TRIES to start doing something or where she is with stefan. There is no actual character development, she barely shows her personality.

Have her go to school and show it. Struggling to go to school in this grief yet she has to to not be under suspicion.

Have her ocassionally get in bad relations with her friends and try to fix that. 

Have her and her brother actually feel like siblings

Have her have some sort of plotline she can follow through(like she had the search for her mother in s1) Have her actually DO THINGS, right or wrong that she decides for herself. Have her actually build relationships and communicate with people, friends, etc Actually SHOW how she deals with all those things, what she feels, what she goes through. Have her meet new people.
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Elena, most underdeveloped and anti-feministic character in TVD?



Yes we know that. WE are told that by other characters every second.


But right now I am having the same reaction Buffy had to The First's boasting talks about ...hm,...evil? That is bassically:


YES we get it, She is so awesome, caring selfless and suicidal and everything. How about the show actually shows that?

Times Elena displayed personality, was useful, awesome and mattered:

Road Trip in first season with Damon. Trip to University with Damon and Alaric. 


In season one she had sort-of, storyline, with her searching for her roots, her mother, etc. Not much but still something.

Nowadays every other character has thousands of things going on and Nowadays EVERY Elena scene goes like this:

*Elena stands in the room or sits in the room gloomy*

Someone: OMG this is so bad, this is very bad!Elena: I care about you all!Stefan: I love you Elena!*snuggle time**cut to other actual characters dying, doing important stuff, doing research, investigating, fighting, getting into conflicts with other characters, hiding secrets and so on*


She is the main character. Have her DO SOMETHING apart from standing there. Research? fight? lame snarky lines as reactions to others? Conflicts of opinion with existing characters? Investigating? ANYTHING, just plain showing some personality and doing something that is actually very important. Having an actual personal storyline, you know.


Currently she is that princess at the top of the tower who supposedly is friendly to all animals and converses with nature and the birds and cares and loves everything in the world, while there are serious things going on all around. And we never meet or see her, but who cares, right?

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Does anyone else find Elena.... boring/annoying at times?

I would not care if she is center of universe as long as she is interesting.


Hell, Buffy was "chosen one" and almost every male(and female)  fell in love with her and tried to sleep with her(or succeeded in doing so) .


But the important part was that Buffy felt like a human being. She was this most important thing, but she also had  a strong character and personality, not unlike Book-Elena, that kept evolving and growing through seasons. She was most important, yet she managed to not matter at all at times. Her personality, lighter and darker sides, etc - all of that was explored.


Elena lacks that. She lacks personality(last time she had it was the first road trip with damon and the alaric/damon/elena university trip). She lacks SOMETHING to do(it does not matter on if its fighting, researching or sprouting snarky puns or manipulating, just SOMETHING). ALl she has is the love triangle and "caring for people". It feels as if the show was too afraid Elena might overshadow Katherine, that it made EVERY character existing overshadow Elena.



So yeah. Elena needs to get personality, plotlines and something awesome to do next season. If next season is all about Damon searching for his brother while elena sulks in the kitchen i don't know what i will do to this show...

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What possible storylines(apart from triangle) could Elena have in Season 3?


Yes. Caroline bassically would blame elena for anything and everything(and some of those things were true, since book-Elena was a lot more like tv-show-Katherine, it would not be surprising if she has indeed caused bad stuff for Caroline). She and tyler are the main allies of Klaus and she gives up her body to be possessed by one of two japanese demons to get revenge on elena.


The show might go in different way - build up Caroline as character then have something happen that Caroline would forever blame elena for. Same setup, same position, but different and more efficient build up.

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What possible storylines(apart from triangle) could Elena have in Season 3?

`But you see, yet again all those plotpoints might eventually happen, but they have pretty much nothing to do with Elena.


Jeremy's ghost whisperer plotline is his own. Unless the dead start to drop hints about future of Elena(especially if they plan to bring in that other thing about Elena(and I fully could see them starting to drop things about wings). but overall its still not HER plotline.


Same with Elijah and Klaus.



The problem and the point of this thread is Elena's personal plotline. She did not have such thing since first season. In first season we had her researching stefan at first, then we had her trying to find out about katherine, which led to her searching for her roots, her mother. That was HER storyline. S2 did not have that, but I would expect s3 HAS to have something for Elena to do that does not linger on the plotlines of other characters too much. My post here pretty much explores the options for her storylines that I can remember right now.

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What possible storylines(apart from triangle) could Elena have in Season 3?

So now we have Stefan going all Angelus and joining Klaus for time being and Elena was pretty much useless and unimportant through season 2, so what could be her plotline for season3?(plotline as in apart from usual steffie/damon/elena angst) What could be her role?


On one hand we still have the bracelet John gave her left unexplained. With how everything is in Mystic Falls and how jewerly is in this show, it would be pretty stupid to even think that the bracelet is just a chunk of simple metal. What could be the purpose of it? WE know that Gilberts KNEW about vampires as they used to tell the stories to Jenna about them and we don't really know how much they knew. Could there be some things left unknown about her foster parents?


Then we have the necklace of Isobel Elena has. J.Plec implied that if EVER Elena is turned, "it would only make sense to respell the same necklace for her". So far its just a memento, but I simply can't see them keeping Elena human for a third season in row, especially if they want to bring in some of the book plots.


Then we have the whole doppelganger thing. K.Williamson did say in interviews that we will learn more about it in latter seasons after season 2 and that there are things left unsaid about her being a doppelganger. We already learnt she is a supernatural being and rings do not work on her and that doppelganger is an identical copy of a person born through history, but what else? Who was the "original elena"? what role did she have in all of this? It would be REALLY nice if we learnt at least a bit of that and I could actually see them incorporating the whole angel-hybrid thing into whole doppelganger thing latter on

Then we have Elena and Caroline in the books. Will the relationship between them "go down" in the same way as in the books, as in, them both ending up on different sides eventually? Caroline is already set up to be with Tyler, so I would not discard this possibility.

Then we have Katherine/Elena similarities. Katherine and Elena are the "Buffy and Faith" of this show, so I would fully expect the trend of Elena doing katherine-like stuff and Katherine exhibiting Elena-like stuff to continue. Could we perhaps get some sort of role-reversal latter on, just like it happened with Buffy and Faith? or will Kat and Elena get a similar ending they got in the books? IMO if Elena is to become a character and display actual personality, this aspect of the show HAS to be explored more.


 Any other ideas?

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How much have Elena REALLY changed?

Its quite clear that Elena started to repress that part of herself the moment her parents died and she survived(thats called survivors guilt or martyr complex). After all, she was at fault for their death(according to show and side material, her parents had to go take her because she got completelly drunk in some party and started wrecking the place)


Elena needs to show more personality. So far through every season she seemed like emotionally dead(which is partially because show does not allow her to do anything in her scenes)


Hopefully next season we will get more focus on Elena and we won;'t have her just sitting there sulking over poor poor Stefan for 22 episodes...

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Roles turning...



well, little blood through day builds tolerance.


It does not protect from Klaus feeding you a few galons of blood through the night like he did to Stefan.

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Delena season 3

I certainly hope so...

But so far they have not been that consistent with Damon. its always one step to light and then twenty steps back to the dark with damon being wrong.


They also said that we will learna  lot about ELena's character this season and all we got was 2 minute long "I wanna be normal" scene :/

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Elena, most underdeveloped and anti-feministic character in TVD?


The whole plotline is based upon her being doppelganger, aka the thing that needs to be protected from big bad dudes.


She made one or two DECISIONS, but overall did not affect anything(just read the whole part on what the other tvd characters are going through and compare it to Elena's "story").




Oh you should. MANY THINGS this show borrows from it, Sometimes TVD even does the exact same scenes (Bonnie's grandma's death, Close Your Eyes, most of Damon dialogue, Jeremy's death scene). The difference is that while Buffy takes a bit more to actually start getting interesting(overarching plot is not really clear till mid-way second season), it has infinitely superior "Elena", infinitely more badass and interesting "Stefan" and infinitelly more intense "Damon".

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