Our hero, Paul Wesley

So far I have seen him in that Killer Movie and as an Angel.


Forgive me but I can't help but chuckle on this one and unintentional humor of that sentence.  

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Stefan the ripper commits and doesn’t look back!!!!!

Nice PR and all, but now it remains to be seen on just how much of that will happen on screen. 


May the gods forgive me for NOT trusting writer's words on ripper steffan storyline as they have already talked about previous two ripper steff stories as huge majorly omg stuff and they came out as hilariously bad. 


Overall it remains to be seen on how much will they account it to the whole ripper illness. The whole S2 ripper shit was just there so they can eventually whitewash everything steffan does on his condition instead of accepting it as part of HIMSELF.


And who wants to bet that that something will be something as silly as someone telling him that Elena and Damon kissed, cue rage...meh. The emotional impact, the momentum of evil steffan is loosing steam already. Having him go evil at the end of season  is taking its toll as the hiatus is already removing the effect. Not to mention having him go evil in such a stupid way alone removes lots of possible steam. Let's just hope that whatever steam is left there is enough to make it entertaining. 

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OT: Once Upon A Time

A lot more interested in NBC's Grimm, than this one. Angel's story writers + premise similar to Supernatural + no damn kripke seems like win scenario for me.



Once upon a time on other hand....I don't know. All those promos and stuff just  do nothing for me. The "past" parts just look so...over the top and cheap. Not to mention that story-wise, unless they reveal that the "bad godmother" was a good person and the good guys were just major jerks, the premise of bad godmother screwing around the tries to uncurse te twon will get old VERY fast.  Might catch it purely because R.CArlyle is on it, but otherwise so far nothing interesting

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just start watching tvd

But you know at the end of the day is just a show and if they continue on this route..well I guess it would get out air sooner than later.

Season2 Ep1 to Season2 Ep22  an average total of 1 million viewers lost.

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just start watching tvd

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just start watching tvd

l I'm watching a different thing that the producers are saying and clearly I'm not the only one.

You are talking about producers who kept calling Caroline "A dumb bland barbie who always sticks her own foot in her mouth and is there to get killed".

Who believe and still boast on how much of awesome person Elena is and what a great guy Matt is.

Who believe that the only thing wrong with S2 was that Bonnie used too much magic.

Who still call Matt/Caroline/Tyler as TRIANGLE.

Who believe that SE is the best pairing in tv in a long time.

Who think its awesome that every villain in TVD eventually becomes a poor lost misguided kitty.

Who are EXCITED about the prospect of Klaus being revealed as "just angsting at his family and having family problems" in S2.



Yes. Writers live n entirelly different world than we do. thats a fact, sadly :[ 

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just start watching tvd

That would be the WORST scenario!! if that happen no more tvd for me

Its already happening.

Compare DE interactions of Season1 to their interactions in Season2. At what they have done to both character of D and character of E during S2. DO you honestly believe that messianic angel who makes jesus look like hitler next to her will ever really get together with someone like Damon who angsts and is wrong, unless he starts to act like Steffan? And vuala, He starts behaving like a poor kitty and we have DE hints and even kiss... Apparantly the only way writers will ever want to mae DE work is by turning it into SE, taking away Damon's edge and etc... 

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just start watching tvd

 The majority of the fans and media are not responding to the main couple

The majority of fans want to plain murder the blandness that is Matt and Elena

Writers still claim and believe these two are the best characters EVER they created. 


So yeah. at best, about a half of season of watered DOWN DE where D and E act just like SE pairing and then yet again showing us the "epicness" of SE.... 

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just start watching tvd

She's also a witch.

This is pretty much all you need to know about her. She is that girl who comes aroun to float stuff or set fire upon people, resolves plots and does not even get developed into character.


and. Its best to just not disillusion oneself with anys ort of DE pairing ideas. Show will take Stefan/Elena to ridiculously stupid levels of "epic".  

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Be honest which dance is better Bamon VS Delena

Gandalf is awesome;)

Yes he was.


However if Gandalf was badass in jay's definition of badass, Gandalf would have spent all three movies walking around the place in background and appearing when the cast comes to some unbeatabled oor. He then says some words, doors open and he disappears again to never be seen again.


Thats jay's definition of "badass". 

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