Bonnie and Damon?

oh look, certain someone we all know hiding behind quest names :3

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Bonnie and Damon?

But to answer your question; yes. If you created and bumped 10 Tyler appriciation threads, i would also ask you to let 9 of them die, and stick to one. 


This. Because its considered spamming.  The major point of why forums can exist and not turn into a huge pile of random garbage is because of coherence and integrity of debates there.  If you have millions of threads over same stuff being bumped at once and used at once, it destroys any sort of coherence in debate. 

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Countdown to S3

I fear for S3. Majority of myself wants it to be delayed further and further, since So far there's a lot of justified fear on it being even worse than S2....

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^I was wondering about that too.... but I think for compulsion to wear off you actually have to turn (or start to transition) as a vampire


Speciffically you need to COMPLETE the transition(get blood, get killed, drink human blood, complete physical changes) after that the compulsion gets undone little by little bit by bit

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What's your saddest TVD scene???

Isobel's death speech was sad, but Mrs. Cardboard had to ruin the scene

Isobel's speech would have been sad if it did not feel so random.


It was like they just randomly decded to clear up a few characters, so they gave a random out of nowhere speech to isobel(who had a tremendous potential as villain with resources and stuff) and then Elena frowned and shrugged at her death. 

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just start watching tvd

S1 is definitly better than S2.


This.  Season 1 is INFINITELY more better when compared to S2. 

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Be honest which dance is better Bamon VS Delena

Ofcause people have different definitions of badass. But Bonnie using yet another spell dosen't make her badass in my eyes.




Bonnie is as un-badass as a witch can get.


There has been thousands of really badass witches on tv shows. Ella was badass witch, and well, Willow was uber most badass witch of them all 


Bonnie so far is walking plot device.  

Thats like if all Gandalf ever did in LOTRO movie trilogy would be opening the doors others cant open. 

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Least Favorite character?

Let's not insult all Elenas and Matts out there by calling those two cardboard characters by their names, ok ? :[


Miss and Mr Cardboard. 

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OT: BTVS Thread

to be exact: her purpose was not to be liked. Her purpose was as a retrospective to Buffy herself. To contrast early buffy to current damaged and cynnical buffy. She was there to get the feelings out that one would feel towards their own little sibling too. I think I read somewhere in some interview of Whedon's back when s7 aired that had show continued, Dawn would slowly become her own person, develop into a character. Frankly I am still sad we never godt to see that. IMO S7 dawn already was quite a stark contrast from earlier dawns.


I still kind of wonder on what could have become of her character. 

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