What will Damon get Elena on her birthday

 I have just never seen the vampires as something you can really inflict pain upon, because all the randoms that Buffy kills, was just. . . things. . . 

They think(in different levels depending on age), they can feel pain, they can die. All factors needed for sadistic tendencies.

The whole "vampires are evil predators" thing was just one more thing she could use as excuse for joyfully mutilating and beheading things :P Thats part of hypocrisy. She had no problem treating Spike and Angel as persons(even when they are not "broken") 

Theoretically what she likes and loves to do is no different than tying a tiger to a tree and then slowly killing him with each shot you take or suffocating bunnies.


It was just another excuse she did not care that much(since she kept hunting even those who seemingly incorporated themselves into society as part of popular culture and did not seem to care in the comics) 

Not to mention she thoroughly enjoyed hurting Faith mentally and physically at every meeting of theirs(to the point that punch into the face counted as "hi") and her behavior with spike.


She might try to cover it with the whole hypocritical "I am the hero just and right" mask, but she is a sadistic person. A hunter, a killer, a predator who thoroughly finds joy in what she does. Joy that she could never find in life itself. 

Obviously she gets off on it. Massive amounts of adrenaline and dopamine is produced;)  

Not just that. AS Buffy stated multiple times, " its about power" . Power of inflicting pain, ending lives, dominating others, etc. Its the same as how most of serial killers start. Taking life gives a certain ammount of feeling of having a power. Having others be fearful of you, being able to hurt others, kill others. Thats one of the main things that turn simple people into serial killers. 


The problem with people like Faith and Buffy is that once they start living that way, they won't be able to stop, ever. and what happens when characters like them run out of the justified kills and mutilations or strays out of their path a bit? We saw what happens with Faith. 

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I had another dream.

This show would never allow for that much of female empowerment. 

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ilove damon

that might be different with shows as dark as TVD but LOST wasn't that dark. 

Wrong. Lost was a whole lot more darker than TVD. Darkness of the show is not decided by blood and gore. Lost was a helluva lot more atmospheric, dark and deep than tvd will ever be. And no ammount of necks snapped or heads torn off in tvd will change that. 


alot of the show was based mostly on relationships and how people were affected when people, strangers they had just met and got to know, got hurt or killed. 

I do not see Lost that way. LOST as the whole was a perfect representation of chaos theory of elements in complex system interacting with each other in a motion of cause and effect. Everything was connected, everything happened for a reason and nothing was pure coincidence.  It was a complex mechanism where even smallest decisions would lead to most unexpected conclusions along the way. And viewers were only shown a small portion of that mechanism. And that was good. 

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ilove damon

I think the "LOST" series finale episode ended perfectly...there's nothing wrong with a show that ends happily,

Thats not why the lost ending was bad. Its not about what is left open-ended(hell, bsg left a whole lot more of things up to viewer interpretation, including on if its good ending or bad ending, heck, the viewers knew even less on what the hell was going on than during series premiere). 

I do not need explanations on island or jacob/shadowmonster. Thats up to each viewer to understand. I do not need explanations on anything of those things left open, because they are left open for a reason.

  The problem is direction. The whole finale, hell the whole last season of lost felt like last-minute decision thrown together to try to end the show fast. AS result the direction of the show suffered greatly and it did not have the style or direction-choices needed to make the ending itself work.

BSG ending even if A  LOT more ambiguous than Lost(well the whole show was more ambiguous so no surprises) succeeded. It left thousands of questions that will linger in people's heads forever, however it truly felt like a closing chapter of the whole book. It managed to sum-up the ideas, themes and managed to do it in a very stylish and well-directed way, so viewers could connect various parallels to what happened, happens and will happen in the show's universe.  


Lost's ending and final season felt like "ok time to end this, how the hell do we do that?"


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Ian talking about Bamon again!!!

but hey she managed to find that nifty spell that prevents vampyrism about which no one kne for two seasons!....


Yep. The whole episode and everything in the s2 has been promoted as the "game-changing huge omg twisty stuff". And what the hell did happen? Nothing.  

 THe whole S2 has been constantly promoted as:

Huge things! Ripper Steffan! DE! Important stories for bonnie!important stories for Katherine! Germy storyline! Elena's character development and soul-searching journey! Explanation behind doppel-stuff! HUGE deaths!. 

and what did we get?


Now i am having a dejavu when looking at S3 info:

Huge things! Ripper Steffan! DE! Important stories for Bonnie! Important stories for Klaus! Germy Storyline! Elena's character development! Explanation behind original-stuff! Huge Deaths!


And so far it seem it will all crash down in the same manner. 

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So bassically the show should put two people majority would not even think of as pairing, together and hope that everyone starts liking them because of that?

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ilove damon

Or them waking up in YET ANOTHER DIFFERENT ISLAND during the storm (yes, i am still angry at the stupid ending of persons unknown).


But, still all things considered, the whole " and they all died eventually" ending was way too depressing, not to mention the explanation came out of nowhere. I pretty much prefer BSG's ending to that, even though everyone(eventually) died there too. Purely because, even though both series contained similar levels of what-the-hell-is-going-on stuff, this ending actually felt like a real epilogue summing up certain messages of the show instead of a long scene of them walking through the door, like lost's.

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ilove damon

Sure if you consider " and they all died happily"  ending as happy...



Anyway,  S1 Damon was good. S2 Damon? reactions alternating between "he is decent", "that was awesome"  and "someone punch that crying rapist bastard in the face"

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but if people actually saw them like that,they might like them

And why the hell should THAT affect what the show does? 

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Suggestions for Kevin Williamson

 It could be called 'constructive criticism' if there were some things ppl didn't like or areas they felt needed improvement..... but its like ppl have problems with EVERYTHING on TVD..... And even if there r some things they do like they think it will get ruined on the show anyway....

Who said that criticism has to be balanced with praise?  This is not a school or kindergarten where teachers would say a ton of praise on how great your stuff is to be able to add a bit of criticism. If there's a problem people do not like, they comment on it.


In this case S2 made sure that "some things"  equal " a lot" . S1 had " some things" people did not liek or felt needed improvement. S2 has A LOT of things people did not like and feel it needed improvement and overall is worse and has less rewatch-value than s1.


And yes, its not that crazy to make an asumption based on the current road the show took, that things might go worse. After all, none of the writing staff or producers have shown any sort of regard towards the criticism show gets nor any sort of acknowledgment that there's something wrong with the show and seem to live in their own little worlds of praise and awesomeness. 


As for ratings and viewerships, if the drop continues at the pace it does now, by s3 midseason, it will no longer be "most popular on cw". Look at Heroes. It dropped from huge viewership to barelly a few million in matter of a season. Why? Because it started to suck and writers ignored all the flaws and criticism instead of continuing to try to please the fangirls. 

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