So now that Klaus is "gone" . . .

I am in no way happy about Klaus being neutralized. I am beyond pissed actually cause he is such an amazing character. BUT I am trying to look on the bright side of things. With Klaus being temporarily gone, that means that wonderful and amazing Katherine Pierce can finally roll into town and stir things up. I am now hoping that the script of 3x22 that said Katherine was gunna be there is right. That will make my life at this point. I miss her sooooooooo much. 

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New 3x19 Stills !

Ahhh so in the summary thing for this episode it says that Jeremy is hanging out with the wrong people. I'm guessing that Kol is that wrong person to be hanging out with. I thin it'll be cool for Jeremy and Kol to become friends. That'll definitely be awkward when Kol comes over to play video games xD Well that's assuming Jeremy goes back to Mystic Falls. 

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3x19 Extended Promo!

Elena and Damon go to Denver to have Jeremy contact ROSE! She's coming back all ghosty and stuff :D I know it's random when there hasn't been a ghost since 3x07, but at least we're getting Rose!

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What would you have done differently?

Hey guys, so I'm sure you all know that the people on this forum are very critical of the how the show has been going along. What I want to know if what would you guys have done differently these past two seasons cause I'm sure we all agree that Season 1 was great, so how would you have wanted Season 2 and beyond to go?
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Esther is back in 3x19.

I'm like 95% sure Esther was in the promo for 3x19. And she was doing a spell with another blonde person, which I'm guessing is Rebekah. But what would Rebekah be doing if she can't do magic? Rebekah is probably pissed at what Klaus said to her. Soooooooo, who know's what's gunna happen now.

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Finale scoop (omg nooo)

So Zap2it has confirmed that Jenna is gunna come back in the finale for a flashback! I mean I know it's a flashback, but at least its something!

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I think Finn is going to die in 3x18.

Look at this picture from Thursday's episode. We all know that Finn is coming back this weak and that the gang is gunna go Original hunting with those White Oak stakes. In the picture Sage is crying and there's a light on her face that makes it seem like there's a fire in front of her. We also know that when an Original get's staked with White Oak they go up in flames (Mikael). So this is probably Finn! Cause I mean why else would Sage be crying? It sucks if he does die though, we barely knew the guy. BUT BUT BUT, this also means that the Originals are not linked anymore cause the other Originals are in future episodes! WIN :D


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TVD fans Boycotting to lower ratings

Yea, the comment that Julie said about Bonnie being strong and beautiful or whatever shouldn't have been used. If she actually wanted to present a valid argument as to why Bonnie/Kol wouldn't happen, it would be that Bonnie isn't to fond of vampires, so she wouldn't date one. 

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Matt Davis responds to the twitter craziness!

This is taken from his Tumblr account:

Int. Hotel room - Afternoon

There in the living room portion of a hotel suite a small camera crew sets up two director chairs to face each other. They adjust a small lighting kit in preparation for an interview, and then draw the rooms blackout curtains shut.

Cut to: The opening title sequence of Rocket Entertainment! a cheesy entertainment show that covers the latest nonsense of Hollywood…. The sequence ends and we fade in on the shows cheesy host, Melvin Horsebeater, aka The Rocket Man.

Melvin: Hey there! Welcome to RETV everyone, and thank you for joining me, The Rocket Man, and our very special guest, Ernesto Riley!

Cut to: Ernesto Riley sitting in one of the directors chairs across from Melvin, dressed in jeans, Tshirt, and a leather jacket. He throws a slight nod to the camera.

Melvin: Why dont we cut the crap, Ernesto, and jump into the deep end here.

Ernesto: I wouldn’t have it any other way, Melvin.

Melvin: Well it seems the other day was quite the shit show for you on Twitter.

Ernesto: Indeed it was.

Melvin: It seems it started with you mocking some grieving fans who were looking for you to acknowledge the loss of their friend who’s dying wish was to receive a tweet from Paul Wesley.

Ernesto: Stop there, Melvin. First of all, I wasn’t mocking grieving fans, or the passing of their friend. I found none of what transpired the other day funny at all. Let’s be clear about that. I was simply holding up a mirror to what I felt was tactless, and distasteful behavior.

Melvin: Distasteful how?

Ernesto: By spamming the cast in hopes to turn their dead friend into a Twitter Trend felt tacky to me. If you want to tweet RIP so&so, fine. But to organize a spamming campaign to shove it down everyone’s throat is inappropriate. You know, when my father died a year ago, I spent the whole day alone in a shocked silence. The idea of taking to twitter the day he died and spamming his favorite actors to get them to trend his passing makes my stomach turn. And if any of my friends or family tried to do the same, Id be mortified. So for me, they lost my respect right away and called into question the whole sincerity of it all. Not to mention, I didn’t even know any of these people. I had zero relationship to them. For all knew it was just a twisted stunt pulled by some fucked up people to grab attention. Ive been burned by online posers before and I wouldn’t put it past people to do such a thing. That said, assuming it was true, just because I’m on aTV show that these people watch , what, I’m now obligated to elevate their loss and grief above everyone else’s just because they’re fans? The annoying thing tho is I did acknowledge their loss. I tweeted #blessingsandgraceyoung1, but they kept spamming me anyway. So they weren’t even paying attention! That’s when I became upset.

Melvin: If her dying wish was a tweet from Paul, why were they spamming you and everyone else about it? Wasn’t she dead after all?

Ernesto: I guess they assumed we’d all just call up Paul and tell him to address their request.

Melvin: Why didn’t you?

Ernesto: Why would I call up Paul and tell him to do something even I wasn’t comfortable doing myself? There are boundaries you know.

Melvin: Looking back on it, do you think it was a wise move to engage those grieving fans the way you did?

Ernesto: Assuming they are who the claim to be, and what happened truly did, maybe, maybe not. It certainly was polarizing. In truth, there were more people who felt the way I did. They felt it distasteful, and supported the stand I took. Again, it wasn’t my intent to mock, only to hold up a mirror to what I found to be nonsensical and inappropriate. The poor girl passed already. Why keep hammering away at it? Get off the fucking computer and go grieve with your family. But because they weren’t stopping I felt I had to address it. And in true Ernesto fashion I did it in an irreverent way. My methods are certainly controversial, and If you follow me, and are a REAL fan, you’d know that. Like I said, tact, grace, etiquette, and disappointment were lessons of that day. That applies to me as well. Looking back I could have handled it better myself.

Melvin: Moving on. Do you think it’s acceptable to call fans assholes?

Ernesto: I call a spade a spade, and an asshole an asshole. Just because you’re are fan doesn’t entitle you to some sort of diplomatic immunity. If you’re going to attack me and my friends and make things personal, I have no problem pushing back and calling you an asshole. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a fan or not. As far as Im concerned, being a fan is not something you can hide behind. And the person you’re referring to was indeed acting like an asshole. They said some outlandish things to me and I have no problem standing by what I said.

Melvin: then why did you delete your tweet?

Ernesto: I was tired, I was angry, and just wanted the whole thing to blow over. I didn’t want to fuel it anymore, so I took the logs out of the fire. I could have argued all night but I had my first day of work in the morning and I needed to sleep. I thought erasing my tweets would energetically erase the day. I should have kept them up.

Melvin: Are you a racist?

Ernesto: As far as I’m concerned we are all of the human race. We all bleed the same blood. So to answer your question, no.

Melvin: Then what did you mean by the tweet you deleted about Jewish people being offend by the way Bonnie’s character was being written?

Ernesto: Julie has been under attack about Bonnie for some time now. She’s confided in me time and again her bewilderment that people have been calling her a racist, among many other horrible names, just because they don’t approve of Bonnie’s story line. And when I wrote that letter defending Julie, I started receiving tweets telling me to shut the fuck up, and that as a white man who enjoys white privilege, I had no business defending Julies handling of Bonnie’s - who is a woman of color, as they put it- story line. This I found to be so completely absurd and ignorant I felt like making an equally absurd point. I felt that by using that same ridiculous logic, Jewish fans should be equally offend by Bonnie’s story line given Kats heritage as a biracial, bicultural woman who is both black and Jewish. It was a clumsy point I was trying to make when I was too exhausted to make my intention clear. I quickly deleted it realizing I was opening a whole other can of worms I was too tired to defend, and I apologized. It’s now been blown completely out of context.If people took that tweet the wrong way and were upset, I understand, and am sorry. But before you get upset, its important to understand the context. Again, it wasn’t me who was playing the race card here. I was just responding to an inane comment that pissed me off. Which was a mistake. I should have left it alone.

Melvin: Well Ernesto, we’re almost out of time. Is there anything else you’d like to say before you go.

Ernesto: Sure.

Ernesto then looks directly into the camera.

Ernesto: It’s fine to disagree with Julie and the shows narrative. It’s fine to be passionate. It’s fine to get disappointed and upset. However, it helps no one to cry wolf when there is no wolf to be found. It’s not constructive to make your critiques personal, aggressive, and hurtful. Turn your frustration into something positive. Write fan-fiction, or intelligent recaps of the show. But calling people racist when they not is dangerous and only undermines the progress we’ve made as a society. Rest assured, neither Julie, myself, anyone on our cast, crew, or network are racist. To assert so is more a reflection of your own ignorance than anything else. Again, it’s a luxury to enjoy the connection we all share online. It’s mostly a positive experience. But if we as the creators of this show continue to come under personal attack, the joy of this luxury will fade and disappear - and so will the show…. I’d also like to personally thank all of the positive supporters of myself and our show. I love you very much and am deeply grateful to you all for standing by our side and putting your reason before your emotion. It’s been a joy connecting with you, and I thank you. And to all the haters out there, I send you my love as well. It’s my hope we can put our contentions aside and come together again in peace and equanimity….

Ernesto then holds his hands up in a prayer position and bows his head.

Ernesto: May all beings be happy, healthy, prosperous, and free.

Melvin: Well there you have to folks. Thank you for your time Ernesto.

Ernesto: Thank you Melvin for the opportunity to hopefully clear things up, or at least provide the proper context for my point of view.

We fade out…..

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TVD fans Boycotting to lower ratings

I'm sorry but I just think this is COMPLETELY ridiculous. Tell me, what are these people planning to gain by boycotting? Nothing. If they really wanna boycott, then stop watching the show entirely. One episode that is low in ratings isn't gunna make a dent. If they are so determined to bring down TVD, they better buckle up for a hell of a ride cause for a network to get rid of it's HIGHEST RATED show, drastic things have to take place.


People need to understand that this TWO PEOPLE. TWO. What about all of the actors/actresses on the show? The directors, writers, producers? What about the rest of the cast? Some of these people need their jobs to support themselves and their families and just cause some people got butt hurt over some things said on TWITTER, we're gunna boycott? What are we five? If people think they're going to achieve anything from this, they better wake up and smell the coffee cause nothings going to happen.

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