Laurel Question

When do you think they'll make her the black canary? For some strange reason I keep thinking that they might pull some bs sl and make it that Sarah is actually BC (and ALIVE -gasp-) and Laurel was just a red herring (which will suck cuz I really want Laurel to get some character added into her.. idk, so far she's been sort of bland). But like, sarah had the whole pet canary as a child and then the whole 'she's still alive' conspiracy that Dinah had (I know Laurel 'discorvered' that it was a lie but still). Anyways, so yeah, do you think it'll happen in s2 or they'll drag it out til s2 finale or s3? (that's if Laurel is indeed BC and they don't decide to change it..)

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Great, thanks :)

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