How Puck ended up the ONLY guy on this show with Integrity

Yay, Im glad people have noticed that Puck is a great guy after all. But Im not shipping Quinn and Puck as a couple...At least not anymore. I used to want them together back when Quinn was pregnant but I've changed my mind.  Quinn's behaviour in these last couple of episodes has changed my mind. She's a really bad cheater (as if there's every a good one but you get what I mean) and she should know better by now. BUT that's not my problem with her. Quinn and Puck started on the same path, both super popular and both bullies. Puck changed for the better after his fall from grace but Quinn put on a uniform again and did the same thing she always has. She's mean to Rachel even though Rachel was the only one that would give her the time of day when she was pregnant. Also while on the Cheerios she was sucking up to Sue, the woman that kicked her while she was down. Not cool.


Rachel and Puck are cute together, he's the only one that's ever given her any positive feedback on a consistant level. Hmmm...Maybe I don't want them as a couple. He's a good friend to her and in high school you're lost without someone that cares.

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How Puck ended up the ONLY guy on this show with Integrity

In Season 1 Puck was a jerk. More than a jerk, a bully. He was the ring leader of the football bullies and poured cruel, cruel ice drinks on helpless outcasts. He locked Artie in a porta pottie and then purposely rolled it over. He was awful to his best friend Finnn, sleeping with his girl friend and insulting his choice to join Glee club. He also slept with anything that would lie still long enough. He tossed people with low self esteem into the dumpster, signafying he felt like they were trash to be thrown out. Noah Puckerman was a f**king asshole.

But I've noticed over the course of the last two seasons Puck has slowly been pulled from the Dark Side and now is the only guy with any integrity. This spot was left vacant by Finn, who used to be the some what confused moral compass of the group. Now with Finn after Quinn, doing what Puck did to him but without the following remorse that Puck showed, Puck has taken over that role.  You all might think I'm insane for saying this and I might have said the same thing last week but hear me out.


Lets start with Bully Puck. Puck joined New Directions for reasons that were less then honest. He dennied being friends with anyone in the Glee club and was just as mean to them as he was before. He even spray painted Finn at one point. All bad, his behavior is not being excused here. But after he joined Glee and got to know Artie he stopped the football players from rolling him over in the toliet for a second time. After his "rep" went down he started dating Mercedes, again for all the wrong reasons. But again, what she said to him really came through. She broke up with him for throwing kids in the dumpster and since then, Puck hasn't tossed a single kid. At least there was no mention of it. I can't remember if he ever apologized to Jacob (kid with pouffy hair) or if that was a different convo but I think he did. Im not peticular on that point though. Now about the slushies, something he started and became his trade mark, after being hit by one and realized how much it hurt both physically and emotionally, he stopped. He apologized to Rachel and brought her a slushie. Not to throw at her but to drink. Also, he's gone out of his way to defend the Glee kids. He lead the charge against Jesse when he had his entire team throw eggs at Rachel. It was his idea to flatten the tires, stupid but his heart was finally in the right place. He defended Kurt and not out of obligation because he was his step brother but because he saw scared he was. He stood up to the team that he used to lead and told them to stop. He befriend Artie, even though it was for comunity service, he was attemtping to do the right thing. He went back to his old ways with Satanna and Brittany around but he later apologized. Considering his rather altered personality against the bullying he used to perpectuate, it's a pretty minor relaspe. He was also the only one to defend Rachel when everyone else told her that she wasn't liked. He's not even in love with her so that wasn't a motive for him. Also about Rachel, he was very sweet to her when she was playing on the football team, knowing that she was overwhelmed. He also sang with her, not expecting anything in return. Unlike the last time he did a duet. Puck went from the worst bully in school into the guy trying to convince the football team to give Glee a chance.

Now I'm going to address Slut Puck. His way with females made me cringe. He knocked up Quinn then insulted her and then cheated on her. All while behind his best friend's back. He only dated Rachel because of some Jewish wet dream. He only dated Mercedes beccause everyone liked her and he was in the dumps both literally and metiphorically. BUT, but he owned up to having a baby and come on, who wasn't thinking that Finn was an idoit for beleiving Quinn? He was with Quinn when she had Beth and he wanted to raise her, but left the choice to Quinn. He gave her money when she needed it, although it was stolen but willing admitted that was a dumb move on his part. He also didn't out Quinn to Finn even though any other guy would have. I mean come on! She was acting all loving to him when Finn wasn't around while meanwhile lying to her boyfriend. That's enough to piss anyone off!!! Also, Puck apologized to Finn and owned up to his mistakes. He refused to do the same thing to Finn again with Rachel and pulled away mid make-out which is hard for anybody never mind a teenage boy.  In contrast Finn is going after another buddy's girlfriend just after being all high and mighty with Rachel for doing the exact same thing, except like Puck, she owned up. Finn has not. Will not, he doesn't even see himself as wrong. Now Puck has cut Satanna lose and is looking to form an actual relationship with a girl that doesn't buy into the "bad boy" crap. He's really terrible at being a romantic but is looking to be better. All his old tricks aren't working and he's relazing that he wasn't as hard core as he thought he was.


If you consider the changes Puck has gone thorugh as well as his current actions towards the people around him, you might be able to see why I've decided to start thinking of him as honest. He's a good guy at heart and I think he's a lot more talented then Finn. Finn is slipping as the hero. His pep talk to Rachel about being a star was condesending and was basically something he did to ease himself of the guilt he felt for going after Quinn. Not once did he stand up for her when anyone was around. Quinn and Finn deserve each other in my opinion. I used to like them both but in reality they're fame seeking bullies. Puck has become one of my favourite male leads, it surprises me because I used to hate him. Now, I'm kind of cheering on Puckleberry...Wow, never thought I'd say that.


Anyone else out there seeing what I am? Or is Puck to you the same jerk he always was? Comments? Thoughts?

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Does anyone not like Sam?

I don`t like Sam. At all. He`s not very smart, deffinatly full of himself, and is determind to be cool just for that sake of being cool. He`s only with Quinn because she`s the head cheerleader. After all Quinn went through during her pregnancy I wanted to see her with someone that wasn`t worried about being popular all the time. Because that was a serious problem with Puck.

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Sam's Proposal to Quinn

I adore Quinn and love seeing her happy but I don`t like Sam. His character is soley concerned with popularity. He wouldn`t have asked her out if she wasn`t the head cheerleader. And if this had been last year, he wouldn`t have stuck by her during the pregnancy. At least in my opinion. I think his character is a blonde, shallow Finn that lacks Corey Moneith`s charm. Sorry to offend Sam/Quinn fans, its just what I think.

I would rather see her and Puck try to work things out. Or at least have had closer there. Puck never even got jealous of Sam. He`s supposed to have been crushed by her rejection. The new relationships aren`t really being devolped.

They spent a lot of time last year on differant relationships but this year it feels rushed. Sam and Quinn got together almost randomly, they were cute in Lucky but after that until this ep you didn`t see much of them. And then Sam pulls out a ring. Also there`s Tina and Mike, they started making out at ``Asian Summer Camp``. Then bam, they are a full fledge couple. Same with Brittany and Artie. Brittany sleeps with Artie because she`s like that, then Artie get`s mad then not mad, then they go to dinner where Artie pays Brit leaves but then they are suddenly a couple? They`ve spent more time on Kurt and In-The-Closet Football player, not that Im complaining because I love Chris Colfer. But we don`t even see much of Finn and Rachel anymore, they were once the core of the group.

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The Hurt Locket (Season 3)

I agree the show has seriously gone down hill since season 1... I didn't personally like season 2 at all even with Chair finally getting together, to many dropped plots in my opinion. Season three has made me want to give up on the show altogether but I think this break has been good.

The Hurt Locket wasn't perfect but here are some things I noticed that have seriously improved;

- Fashion, big time. Serena looked amazing throughout the whole episode, I loved the dress she wore (and lost) at the Ambassidor's dinner. Jenny didn't make me want to scrub her face as much this episode. And I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED what Blair was wearing. (With the slight exception of the earings she wore to the dinner, those were cheap looking and ugly.) And let's hear it for our boys, everyone was looking their best.

-Plot. The plot has been twisty and unrealistic, and sometimes idoitic this season. It's not perfect in this season but it's been seriously smoothed out. I have been saying all along that there was way too much going on and most of the characters were acting out of character and it seems that they are moving to fix that. Like,

Serena: She's always had trouble controlling her libido (like Lily and maybe... Cece?) and the fact that she's miffed about having to slow down makes total sense for her character. Also the way she handled it was very first season, consistant Serena Van der Woodsen.

Blair: The GG writers have screwed her character up the most but I think in this one they got it right. They showed her ambition correctly, her stubborn determination, and her relentless temperment. But they also showed her secret fears and insecurities as well as her ever loyal love for Chuck and her willingness to give up something important to help him. Her humor and wit were back. I also really loved the Serena/Blair bonding and the clear differances in how they handle situations. Not to mention her love of role playing and romance (Anna Karenina haha). I mean how hilarious was it when Nate walked in on her? Blair is on her way to redemption in season three and she's looking good doing it too.

Chuck: It's good to see the confused and brooding Chuck back. We all love it when our sauve former bad boy has moments of doubt, self loathing, and lonliness. It keeps us interested and involved emotionally. It also adds a dynamic to his character that keeps him from being static. Also the plot is more about emotion and mystery rather than some crappy, twisted bullshit they have pulled out before.

Nate: A bar at someone else's wedding, while being someone else's boyfriend about four years before and then a coat room at an abassidor's party. Oh Nate, you'll never change and that's what they love. Which is exactly what the writers got back to. Back to the basics of GG, a good choice on their part. Besides, Nate and Serena are HOT.

Jenny: Drug dealing. Ok. Fine. If that floats her boat. But the way that she's involved is very new Jenny. She likes to be in control and she'll do anything to bring that about. Her and Damien belong together.

Dan: Awkward as usual. Makes perfect sense. Also he's giving advice like he knows everything. When Nate was right, Dan may have dated Serena for over a year but Nate grew up with her, he knows everything there is to know about Serena.

Rufus and Lily: I'm glad they have gave less screen time. Their argument also made sense and I think that played out well. Often in season three they've had too much plot when they are deffinatly secondary characters. It's good to keep things basic, because in reality people are mostly basic creatures.


I liked this episode as a transition to the resurection of Gossip Girl. It's not perfect but there was sexy fun, intrigue, humor, character devolpment, and a hint of humor. If this is to be the tone of the post break episodes, I'm on board. 

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The Goodbye Gossip Girl (Season 2)

I really liked this episode too. But I agree with some very valid points point on the table by other commenters.


First let me say this, I LOVED THE BLAIR AND CHUCK MOMENTS. Actually without them on the show, I wouldn't care at all what happened and I wouldn't watch. I espeacially liked the part where Blair finds out from Serena (finally) that Chuck said he loved her.


Another thing I really like is how they try SO hard to make Serena look smart when it just really is never going to work. Im sorry but the character, while being lovable is as dumb as bricks. Even Blair Waldorf knew not to go after GG, hell CHUCK FREAKING BASS knew also to stay away.


But again I agree with the major plot disapointments. Like the whole Rufus and Lily thing. BORING, BORING, BORING. Enough, I don't care anymore. They stopped being interesting a long time ago. And the love child thing at the end made me burst out laughing, that was ridicules. The actor was ridicules, the whole set up was dumb, I dislike this whole plot in Gossip Girl, always have, always will. And no squeeky, little boy man in desperate need of an acting coach is going to do it for me.

I have to admit, I am intrigued by the Van der Woodsen reunion idea... Let's just see where they take this one.


I'm going to agree again with others about the dorm thing, Blair would NEVER EVER stay in a dorm, she'd walk in and go... Well, this is a charming closest now where's my penthouse? Even though Georgina and Blair bitching out is funny stuff. Although Blair is now almost untouable because of her new/old bf Chuck Bass, and we all know nothing get's by him.


I was extremely disapointed in Vanessa, I wanted to see her REJECT Nate, doesn't anyone ever just reject this guy? Well, Serena and Blair look to be the only girls that are no longer interested in this little man whore. I mean Vanessa was going on and on about sleeping with Chuck and how she needed to go to an STD clinic... Honey look at the guy you're with... Chcuk's slept with a lot of woman but Nate has slept with EVERYONE! And as Chuck once said... He takes care of his business...


All and all, not a bad episode.

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Valley Girls (Season 2)

 This was a great episode. Actually the best I've seen since Bart Bass died and Chuck went CRAZY. The flash backs weren't as bad as I thought they would be and they fit in nicely. It also ended the horrible mistake that was the Gabriel/Poppy plotline because we know Georgina will DEAL with it, which naturally eases the characters without having to spend ANOTHER episode clearing up that stupid plot line that they dug themselves into. The prom stuff was REALLY good. Everyone was on top form tonight acting wise and the Chuck plotline was BEAUTIFUL and Ed was incredible. ALso the blair and nate stuff was really well done too, it was the first time Nate, the character showed ACTUAL emotion which was nice to see. And Blair was stunning. The Cece, Lily, Serena story was really sweet. Lily and Rufus weren't boring for once.Don't let the valley girl flashbacks stop you from liking this episode because it was really good. The parts I hated were anything with Lily's older sister, the girl couldn't act in Veronica Mars and she most certainly can't act here. That and the Owen guy, it could easily have been Rufus (actor looks like Dan.) Once again, best episode in a LONG, LONG time.

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Wow, S is getting her ass kicked!

I think the reason we all love Blair so much is because she isn't a saint. Since Serena has gotten back she's be so sweet and caring, on her own she would be a normal, semi-boring girl. She's the standrd protagonist, the one with a obvious sweet heart.

B on the other hand... Is a schemer and lovable at the same time, she's a drama magnet and is a kick to watch week after week. I CAN'T WAIT for the new Blair-gone-bad episodes.

I vote Blair, by the way :)

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Dan & Serena

I personally loved them together and I was heart broken when they spilt, this was before I even knew that the actors were together in real life. But now I think the storyline has broken them up forever. Before Derena fans come after me with pitchforks, let me explain.

I think the moment when they found out that they shared a sibling was what did it, they could have survived even Rufus and Lily together because they were moving away from home at the end of that year. But Chuck was right when he said that having a brother together would end things forever. It changed them and now they're no longer right for each other. But they still care and will always be good friends. Which is bittersweet for us fans.

Now we're stuck with a depressed, post-Rachel Dan and a Ken doll for Serena.

Who else thinks she has the worst rebound men?

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The Grandfather (Season 2)

I'm going to have to disagree with some of your couplings.

If Rufus and Lily are together then obviouly S and D can't be. I mean I know everyone wants both (including me :P) but imagine dating your STEPBROTHER. I wouldn't be able to do it, besides it's clear that even though Pen and Blake are cute in real life, Serena and Dan don't make a lot of sense anymore.


I actually liked the Nate and Vanessa unexpected pairing, they are cute together. Even it was obvious that they were going to break up from the start, Nate isn't strong enough to go against his rich family and they were never going to accept V. But in the end I think Nate and Serena would be good, eventually, not now.

I like Chuck and Blair, but I dont mind seeing them mess with each other, I for one, am not bored. :)

And I think Jenny needs a different guy then the ones out there so far, maybe in the future the former little J will have a cute, sweet beau for her.

I REALLY dislike Blair and Nate together. It's like fire and water together. It just doesn't work without them suffering.


But that's just my humble, opinion :)

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