Who is sexier; Nate or Chuck?

Nate is hot Sure ...

But i deffinately have a weak for CHUCK !

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top 5 favorite GG songs! (Music)

1 The Kills - Sour Cherry

2 The Faint - Mirror Error

3 Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls

4 Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet

5 Prima J - Rockstar


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What if Gossip Girl is...

Maybe it's Georgie

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NEW SNEAK PEAK 2.25! (Spoilers)


The bitches & Jenny bring the blast on Gossip girl ? ! How do they know everything


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Have this show ever made you cry?

Yes 1x03 & 13 idd ! Leighton brings it so real it makes me cry

2x01 B ask Chuck the BIG QUESTION why she should stay with him

2x03 S & D in elevator when they break up

2x08 the part when Chuck goes back to Blair and says that they just love the game 

2x13 the whole episode was very emotinal   

2x 14 the roof scene

and ofcourse 2x23 stupid Chuck says it's just a game

Now happy time please !!


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Well Vanessa did SAT test so it's a good option that she is going tho NYU ore something


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WHAT GG BLASTS!!! (Spoilers)

I don't think that Chuck & Vanessa thing will come out because than will be B so angry !!! and Chuck just looks sad and B is like begging him to say iloveyou  so i think that jack secret is the big issue

The other secrets for sure !!!

And don't forget there is a half sibbling some where

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Leighton is a singeerrrrrr??? (Music)

ILIKE IT =) Cant wait for she brings out her album !

At least if it's even for sale here in Holland  Years later or never well than i just buy it online

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A Summer without Gossip Girl

I'm going to diee without GG Im gonna watch season 1 & 2 over and over again! and checking the site for more IHOPE about season 3

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WHAT GG BLASTS!!! (Spoilers)

Wasn't B saying it to Serena ?


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