Why Blair Says "Tell Me You Love Me" (Spoilers)

The Big Blast

The lovechild of Rufus & Lily is somewhere  

Nate & The Dutchess  

the Jack & Blair thing

Chuck gets mad at Blair , Blar begs him to say i love you and kinda seduces him the kiss will be in the end and them we have to wait sooooo long 

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The Sisterhood of Gossip Girl

I Lovingmotherchucker hereby join the Sisterhood of Gossip Girl !!!

Youall are so lucky you've seen the episode already well the most of you... I have to wait till tomorrow because i fucking live in Holland love Chair (L) cant wait till they finally get together

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Chuck's hair next season

Cute picture Nice Hair

Chuck needs just a Little Bit ED Style ! Than it's to perfect =)

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Love Her ! but what was she thinking...


Leighton Ughhh

The dress was already to much why the legs too i think if it was only the dress it would look much better ! Leighton always look stunning I love her style but this time i'll pass

And Waldorf ?! Where did you get that amazing icon it's to funny !!

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A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes (Season 2)


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Team Chuck & Vanessa (Spoilers)

I must confess i liked it a little

Vanessa bitchy and Chuck well.... just chuck But i dont like them as couple on the show that's so wrong ! in real life there cute but that's all

But C&B forever !

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Seder Anything (Season 2)

Chuck Quote I mean have you done this before

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Seder Anything (Season 2)

Yeah let's talk about that ...

Who is under Chuck in the Promo , Its not Vanessa Or Blair because he's said It's not your first time right ????

Well not georgina because she's a wild one

WTF i don't know ........... Any thoughts?

Little J??? she's a virgin i think

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Chuck and Blair, Elle or random? (Spoilers)

I Knew it V&C !

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Chuck and Blair, Elle or random? (Spoilers)

With Vanessa ? It will happen on Remains of the J Thats when they make N&B jealess also with the kiss or maybe even in bed ... Or its just Blair ... the plan worked and Chuck ends up with B what he wanted But why the shocked face ...

Im not sure i hope it's all in the upcoming episode :D:D::D

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