S3E17 Thread

So..in this show we have "Oh look I tricked ur ass" ladies...Becks,Sage,Mary Sue types..Elena,Meredith and then we have Caroline...a real awesome girl

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Matt Davis responds to the twitter craziness!

So..full of it.I rest my case

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Forwood/klaroline scoop from Candice

I'm always happy to read about Caroline..and boy did caroline grew up.She's the strongest girl in MF

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TVD fans Boycotting to lower ratings

Now really..Matt is being disrespectful sometimes and JP thinks she owns the freaking world..Sometimes I think they should get married ugh

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OT: Pretty little liars

Well i do believe somehow Ali is alive or she has a twin or dunno but I also thought it was Melissa at the finale talking 2 Mona.And somehow I feel like Ezra is being part of something.i mean c'mon dude,u like the underaged chick ok..but i still find ur way back and he's kinda weird sometimes....this show i really like cause it kept me always thinking and being all detective on the characters lul

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OT: Pretty little liars

I watch it 2 ;)

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S03E16 Thread

When I heard about Sage and Finn I loled my ass...=)))) i laughed with tears

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Happy Birthday Raquelita

Happy Bday or La multi ani from Romania!!!!:*:* kissesss lovee

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Who's the strongest of the originals besides Klaus?

Elijah and then me...Im strong 2 lul.kidding Elijah of course.

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Cap't Cardboard the TOOL

Matt's Diary Reloaded

Dear diary,

Since my last entry here I did good and also bad...

The good things...I paid bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I no longer go by the name of Matt but Matt Hard Bottom..hehe love the nickname,I dont wear this anymore..

I bought clothes...and a tux OMFG OMFG

<-- No longer poor me ♥♥♥

I even have a phone now!!!yeyyyy (proof)

I use it 2 talk 2 my dead sister and my customers lulsyyy ...I dated all the undead and alive men in MF and it was so...exciting hahaha.

Now the bad things:Katherine found me with Stefan an kicked my ass..here's the proof:

(Elena took care of me now that she doesnt like Stef anymore but if she knew of me and Damon I would have been dead and buried)

I slept with Caroline when we were drunk...I dont do gurlz and had a breakdown..

Well I'll be ok..xoxo Matt Hard Bottom

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