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Trifecta consist of chair,serenate,danessa as endgame couple.

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i don't like eva. if katie cassidy being matched to chuck maybe i would kind of okay. but clemence's face is just cold.. and not interesting for me. katie would do so much better for chuck.

just my IMO. =))

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All Things Chair


thank you for keeping it a secret!

Chilly moment set pic


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Leighton on Chuck & Blair relationship

I posted that on cast section! check it out. it has more complete information.

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Proof that leighton supports chair so much (Leighton Meester)


“Gossip Girl” will go international when season four kicks off this fall. And while we know the Upper East Siders take their drama to Paris, we wondered what else fans could expect from Blair Waldorf and the crew. For one, is now the right time for Chuck (Ed Westwick) to date a new girl (Clemence Poésy)? We put that question and more to star Leighton Meester when we visited the set of her upcoming movie “Monte Carlo.”


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“I am a fan, which sounds ridiculous, of Chuck and Blair,” Leighton told MTV News of the on-off couple she portrays with Westwick. “I love their relationship, and I really love working with Ed, which is what it probably boils down to. But yeah, I think maybe there needed to be some sort of break in their relationship and some sort of drama,” she continued. “Maybe it was going too well, and then there was the downward spiral with his uncle, which was fun to play out but I hate fighting.”


Chuck won’t be the only one getting some action as Poésy’s new character shakes things up: Former “Melrose Place” star Katie Cassidy is set to ignite Nate’s (Chace Crawford) love life next season.


“I hope we cross paths, but it would be weird to have a completely different dynamic [onscreen],” Meester said of Cassidy who’s also her co-star in the upcoming “Monte Carlo.” “I mean, it would be really fun. I think she’s coming on the show, maybe, to cause a little bit of trouble. She might not say it, but I will. I think she’s very much capable of that, at least in the show. I think [Nate's] a total playboy and needs to be single and I think [Katie's character] is a bad girl, so maybe they are good for each other, actually,” Meester said.


But what about Chuck and Blair? They can’t really be over, right?


“I think Blair has done some healing, but not entirely,” she teased. “She definitely she has a flame burning for Chuck. Who wouldn’t?”



hmm typical. when character goes too happy they need something to make blair is sad again.. =.=

and i assume in monte carlo she played good girl! that's why she said it's complete opposite with katie in GG.


another interview:


Nothing comes between Blair Waldorf and her pricey blowouts and designer cosmetics. Do you share her penchant for luxury?

In my normal life I don’t even really wear makeup, I’ll just use a little cheek stain, curl my lashes, and put on some lip balm and sunscreen. I’m much more comfortable with myself than I used to be.


Now that you’ve inked a deal with Herbal Essences, you’re actually getting paid to have gorgeous hair. Tell us your secret.

I try to treat it with kindness because it takes so much abuse! On days off I wash it and lit it air dry. I sometimes don’t even wash my hair — I just try to ride out the style from the day before as long as I can. I’ve completely forgotten how to use hot tools.


No makeup, no elaborate styling routines – do you ever hit the spa?

When I was in Paris recently, I got a body scrub. They rubbed salt all over me – it was actually kind of painful but my skin felt amazing afterward.


Your style on Gossip Girl is very headbands and high society. But you’re also a singer. How do you change your look when you’re onstage?

That’s when I can experiment. With music, I love my hair flying around, free like an animal! If your hair looks fierce, you look fierce.



Leighton’s Must Haves:

Chanel Gel Cream, Lancome Eye makeup remover, Custom blended fragrance, L’Oreal Paris Mascara, Herbal Essences Spray Gel, Benefit Tint.

Role Model:

Gossip Girl fans all over the country copy her look. So where does the 24 year old find inspiration? “I look through magazines and collaborate with my stylist [Charles Strahan]. I’ll say, ‘Make me into a doll,’ and he just goes for it.”

Other Leighton quotes from the article:


I’m pretty sure I did my own hair and makeup here. I had dyed my hair red out of a box.

I was just onstage performing and I was sweating. I kind of look like a bad girl, right?

This is the ‘me-est’ look: natural hair and makeup, fresh skin and comfortable.

I’ve worn glasses since I was a little girl, but recently I got corrective eye surgery.

Do I ever have the urge to go platinum or dye my hair black? Yeah, absolutely.


that's why i never saw her wearing glasses again! she just got eye surgery. good for her!

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All Things Chair

OK, I guess we can have all you are asking for. I have some hot single friends too, wanna meet them? LMAO

haha okay i want too! always wonder what it's like to have european bf. ahaha. psst but don't tell my bf..


after toasting champagne with tania, i will gulp down a lot of beer until i hang over. lol.

Me too.And according to Leighton's daily photos she has nothing common with Blair.Blair is  just perfect.

nahh she's not. leighton is nothing like blair.

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I think that's probably why Blake doesn't hang out with the rest of the cast. They probably get together to smoke at someone's apartment.

yeah they totally separate themself from the other cast (blake and penn). it's like they are too cool to go to party etc...

and yep leighton ever smoked pot. she admitted it in some magazine interview.. well it's common thing in holywood.. but don't make it a habit. just occasional for the party i think it's okay.



yes i want too! look out the cocktails for me.. and some champagne and beer if you have. =))

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Leighton in NY (Leighton Meester)

ah yeah i miss talking to you! thank god i have you to talk about my leighton obsession. lol.

fierce shoes. matching bag colour and sunglasses..


with her bodyguard Q. lol.

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@LF, thank you bb. You are our best reporter ;)

when it comes to leighton i am the best reporter. lol.

hi tania! what party will you attend tonight? sounds fun. lol.

and hi to you all!

Umm... Most actors smoke b/c it suppresses their appetite and they have a lot of down time on set. Similar to models.

yeah because of stress too sometimes. among the cast who didn't smoke i think it's just blake and penn.

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no she's not holding cigarette. look at this picture..

and yes she is just occasional smoker i think.

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