Test Your Grey's IQ! (Site Suggestion)

CALL A DOCTOR too! lol

I know a lot about the characters in the show but not much about their personal lifes! :)

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Season finale photos! (Spoilers)

wow, what's April doing in attending scrubs? and looking so scared...

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Least favourite episode (Episodes)

Me too. not an episode, but somes scenes and plots.

I hate Rose! Most of ALL!!! the plant is hilarious!!

Dead Denny. All about new interns (s4) and mercy westers (s6).

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Blink (contains spoilers!!!) (Episodes)

I always told Cristina’s wasn’t good enough for Owen. But the truth is he is not enough for her. Cristina’s first passion is surgery. And it always be. Poor Owen. And as we know Teddy is a regular character now, I assume she’ll turn back and fight for Owen. I hope so.

Teddy is teaching and pushing her as she needs to be. but Teddy is also enjoying to make her suffer! for sure!

Meredith is a bad liar. Bailey told that before! I’m glad Derek found out about the chief. Derek and Bailey are great together!

I like that Mark has become a father. I don’t like Sloane at all. But I think Lexie did what she had to do. He told her he would choose his daughter. So she ended their relationship. So both Mark and Lexie are free. Doesn’t mean they don’t love each other anymore. But they need different things from life now. And both deserve all.

Alex is trying to bring back the old Alex. But he’s changed. He’s scared and down without Izzie. Reed cares about him. Otherwise she’d slept with him without thinking. She wants more than a flint. I still don’t like her. Alex and Lexie was a flashback. They were together before. They just did again. Alex is still married. But like Derek in the beginning, they are separated. Still cheating…  I hope the new Alex and the new Lexie wake up the next day and realize the mistake they did.

I’m waiting to see PP. just a few minutes more!

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January 14th!!!!!!!! (Spoilers)

Lol I didn’t see the parent topic “spoilers” lolI got here direct from the site link! :)

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January 14th!!!!!!!! (Spoilers)

Can we talk SPOILERS here?


Actually in a GA sneak peek Yang says “get out of my OR” to Owen because he entered to argue Teddy about her teaching methods with Yang. And she completes something like “you’re breaking my concentration”.

Mark didn’t cheat on Lexie. In the PP sneak peek he tells Addison that Lexie dumped him because he asked her to raise Sloane’s baby with him and Sloane.

And after Lexie dumps Mark she could seek consolation in Alex’s arms.

1 – I love Lexie and Mark. But I’m not sure they are the beast for each other. I like the man Mark becomes after Lexie. But she is too young to the kind of relationship he needs now, with a daughter and a grandkid. Lexie deserves to have all in her own time. And so does Mark.

2 – I love Addison. I miss her in GA. And Addison broke her marriage with Derek because she felt in love for Mark. She couldn’t stay with him before, but now he’s a much better man. And the chemistry between those two is explosive. So I wouldn’t mind them together. It would be a good thing for both shows! I hope Mark didn’t move to LA (as he said in another sneak peek).

3 – I’m tired of Izzie. Throwing the perfect wedding away (the wedding that belonged to Meredith and Derek) without even talk to Alex was absurd. Cancer or not I don’t like her anymore. But I love the man Alex become so I want him happy! With our without Izzie!

Can’t wait!

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TR Knight & George O'Malley Appreciation Thread

Great video!!! Thanks for posting!

I miss George too. :(

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I Saw What I Saw (Episodes)

@Meli: I think he started to say “You’re under probation” but Larry interrupted him. :)

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Tainted Obligation (Episodes)

Hi! I posted at What Did You Think of Tonight's Grey's Anatomy?

I'll copy here!

 It wasn’t painful. It wasn’t sacrifice. It was magnificent.

Meredith didn’t care at first. She didn’t care about him. But she learned how to have a family with Lexie. She didn’t have it, even with her mother. Now she has Derek and Lexie. It was lovely as should have been. And I knew Alex would say something. “He is the sick one”. He has this in common with Meredith, a bad father. But he learned in the hard way. And he regrets. So he helps everybody with the same issues as he did. Derek was supportive (“you don’t owe him anything”). It’s wasn’t about obligation. It’s about family and Derek always had one. But he could not tell Meredith what to do. She had to learn by herself. She had to feel. And she did! Love her! The door is open.

And knowing that was Ellen Pompeo’s line “I want you to do this for her.” Love her even more!

Derek! That “my wife” was dreamier than ever! Please make them legally married! I know is true to them, but they need to be able to protect each other if there’s a legal issue. Please. Don’t make the lovely post-it scene be a thing we would lament after all.

Lexie is lovely. She’s young and happy and naive. But she’s lovely, caring. And she’s full of love. To Meredith, to Mark, to her father. She makes everyone feel loved. And they need love!

I feel sorry for Mark childhood at that “parent who give you everything” scene. He should have suffered a lot. And he has become mature and healed. I can only root for him. Love the big boy’s scenes together.

I didn’t care about Owen at first. But he has grown a lot these episodes for me. He didn’t take Cristina’s nonsense at all. He’s not selfish or arrogant as Burke. He’s compassionate and strong. A leader too. And Cristina will learn a lot with him. As Izzie did today.

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Meredith and Derek piano song (Music)

Thanks a lot scaredy!

Unfortunately I have now idea who to do this! lol!

I live in Brazil, so everything is so far away for me! :(

I hope someone else can help us! :)

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