Gossip Girl Role Play is back!

(OOC: Can I join in as Dorota again?)

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Eric & Jenny Playing... (Spoilers)

A spoon, a common Assassin weapon

That made me lol. xD

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The GG Hiatus

At the moment I'm only bothering to watch The Office.  I might look in to watching Glee and/or Make It Or Break It, since my friends tell me its good.

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its partly judging their clothes but mostly their actions. does her mom even pay attention to how her daughter behaves? i was appalled when i found out she even existed.


Waat. O.o Did you think she just, like, hatched from an egg?

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So looks like Serena and Blair will be friend in 3.09 already (Spoilers)

cant see it either

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Funny GG pictures


oh god...

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Gossip Girl - How To Succeed In Bassness [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

Im from Canada. I can do it if you want, though I might be too interested in the episode XD

good luck on the midterm!

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Preview of Leightons new song!!! (Leighton Meester)

It sounds so good! cant wait to hear the full version!

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leighton say this on twitter (Leighton Meester)

Her brother was on gossip girl? when? :o

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STRIKE (Spoilers)

And she was homeschooled

Ugh. Looks like im going to have to quote myself again :

How come everytime someone mentions homeschool on here its in a bad way? Alot of collages, like Harvard for instance, pefer homeschoolers.  Sorry to go a bit off topic but this comment didnt really make sence to me :/

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