These Arms of Mine (Episodes)

i was so sad to see that mandy moores mary died too:'(

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These Arms of Mine (Episodes)

i thought the episode perspective was pretty cool:) and alex was amazing tonight, i love him!!!!<333

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Will crosses a line....????

maybe......he is definately being kinda creepy/gross. I mean it's one thing when you have a crush on someone, but you respect the fact that it cant happen (emma season 1) and as much as i love wemma, emma is with carl now, and he makes her happy so will needs to back off 

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Will crosses a line....????

So in the preview for Never Been Kissed, it says, "will crosses a line" and flashes between him and a scared looking emma in a doorway, what do you think it means!?!?!:)

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Toucha toucha toucha touch me...

that scene was smokin........<333

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Season 1 Part 2:)

so what do guys think/want to happen in the second part of the first season of pretty little liars?!?!

1. Hanna and Lucas should get together!

2. i actually kind of want the Aria/Ezra affair to end, i think she'd be so much better off with noel!

3. Wilden gets fired.

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Season 7

haha! XD

Season 7!!!!

- LOTS of MerDer!!!!

- McMarriage/McWedding



-Mama Shepherd comes back to visit and her and Meredith have a heart to heart

-Mark and Lexie get back together

-i wish Izzie would come back, but since she's not : Alex to find his perfect match

-Jackson SL

-April/Teddy love story XD

-MerCris friendship

-Richard to resume position as chief



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Meredith+Derek=McBaby (Relationships)

AHHHHH!!!! we were thiiiiisss close to mcbaby!

this sucks, but knowing the way shonda is, it will be a long road to pregnancy for merder:(

when mer didnt want kids, she gets pregnant, but now that she does, i feel like her and der will have trouble doing so :(

i do think however that mer will finally be pregnant around mid or end of s7:)

and of couse addie willl have to come in for check ups and stuff :)

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juuuuusst curious:) (Spoilers)

hey do any of you think that the MerDer baby was created on the table in the meeting room in Hook, Line,and Sinner? XD

"Chief Shepherd....." lol:)

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