Tyler is coming to new orleans... thoughtS?

i hate tyler fucking noob , i swear to god if he come sot get his ass bitchslapped by klaus then hell yea , but im sick of seeing his face.

they should bring caroline to new orleans not friggin tyler.

either way im like TO its way way better than TVD , even though im liking silas which makes TVD watchable.

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TVD without the originals.... so far

ok so for last night's episode i can say for the first time in the series TVD fell below a 1.0 in the dmo to a 0.9 , series low because it was halloween and TVD got delayed to 10pm in some areas

it will rebound next week to a 1.0+ most likely 1.1-1.2 and we need it to stay above a 1.0 , because if TVD continues to drop this season in the next few weeks even , its not gonna be good for the originals.lets say TVD gets cancelled , its never ever good if the main show ends before the spinoff at least gets a few good seasons into into it. even if the originals ratings falls the CW has a good reason to keep it going because the characters on each of the shows are easily swappable any character form each show can go onto the other.

ok so this is the shiznit now , i hate everyone on TVD accept for caroline and silas now , stephen is a s shit as silas is just the champion of the show they can kill everyone off and just make the show called silas and id watch it to see him fuck with people make rude comments make people look stupid with query remarks. to bad silas didn't have the lame gay face of stephan aka paul wesley otherwise hed be superfradgacallalsitc exper ala AWSOME!

now i predicted this shit last season boonie is gonna die they will all be upset then they will bring her back, tbh i hope silas does not bring this bitch back plz let her be dead im sick of bonnie fuck elena i could not give a flying carpet rug if her best friend is dead, and i swear to gone if they bring that amara bitch into this the orignal version of elana who started the pertrova line and i need to put up WITH THREE FUCKING THREE VERSIONS OF THAT COCK SUCKING ADDICTED FUCKING BITCH .........

bonnie stay dead plz u fucking crack whore no on gives a shit about you im sick of your stupid sad face scenes with fucking jeremy being oh oh sad face stand there with fucking lips that go sideways and down like a stupid fucking retarded clown" OH NO DON'T USE THE BIG BAD MAGIC IM A HYPOCRITE BITCH, ITS OK FOR ME BONNIE TO USE IT AND KILL MYSELF BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN Ok?.Oh hey lets do the whole kol thing again and kill katherine to get what we want? not like i give a shit about katherine but i mean come the fuck on . who do these people think they are kill kol to help elena , now kill katherine to help elena, this entire show is about lets do what elena wants so her feelings dfont get fuckign hurt somone rip this bitches head of all ready what da fuck.i hope silas brings kol back instead of bonnie , and hes like " AHAHAH SURPRISE .. SO TOTALLY LOOK RIGHT THIS ISN'T BONNIE ITS YOUR FAVOURITE ORIGINAL VAMPIRE KOL" HE HE HE HE HE IM SILAS! Elena" Wait wheres bonnie what happened to bonnie?" "You said you'd bring bonnie back" "Silas Oh yes im so sorry but i just want to sit back and react to when u see kol alive and trying to kill you all and elena again without bonnie here to protect you " Ok well peeps its been fun im out , gonna go die now have fun with kol and ill see you on the other side" SIlas" wait no i wont cause we just destroyed it AHAHAHAHAH enjoy"

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I am the Kolelus Do you remember me?


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TVD Comic con 2013 & Originals if i can find any..

Up first  TVD  Comic con panel interesting in this video it looks like elena`s cock addiction  conitunes of the show  for nina , watch  and see if you can spot it when it reached out to a fan in the audience

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq_Bo_XwRmI   P.S wish i could h ave nuted julie plec or  deleted her completely. and the supid panel moderator



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLKqgQSrkn4  THis interviewer seems like a  fangirl hopped on a  glass of elena`s cock juice.....



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkxuVoMJAdY The originals  interview , The new sopranno`s? LOL WTF



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc_PShfSOAc   Paul Wesley and  ian somerhaulder being gay, And talking about the love triangel for season 5 and how the dynamic h as changed.  Now  we are hearing the love triangle is between damon , stephan and silas?  gay gay gay gay gay gayness.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCCjeXw-UtY  The originals comic con  couch interbiew shit,Fucking daniel gillies LOL " Im jackm-in-ning of here"  


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxV7KrMF34A TVD  Says goodbybe to the originals.



Thats all i could be bother finding. UNtil the next time i come here to  troll about elena and her cock addictions  Begining season 5!

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Even in death elena only thins about one thing.......

this needs to be bumped  ,  elenas cock addiction will be appearing in seaosn 5

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this show is shit , accept  for  jamie chung.

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OT: Teen Wolf

Inested in your  futures ,  is supoesdly delving deeper into elena`s  crackhole and pulling out allof of bullshit , Did i  see you post TVD  has twilight influences? back on the first pages ,  GOOD JOKE MAN <  TVD books came out before twilight ,  therefore twilight has TVD influences get it right you stupid  craackpot ,  the fight scenes in teen wolf are good i fastforward everything in that show  besides that. and if i fast forward a show its not good.

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Even in death elena only thins about one thing.......

This isnt fan fictoon...... Its  elena`s cock addicton

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F*ck you Julie Plec!

whats fucked up is  another actor was cast to play silas ,  was all that just a roose to throw us of the ending  ,  i mean wtf or is  silas " who actually looks like stephan in his real form" going to be appearing as this other actor that was cast to play silas so confusing  

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Klaroline or Forwood?

angel calling tvd we want our  s3 ending back... wait now stephan has a evil verson of himself  who cant die , which is like angel having his evil self angelus , and they where both put into a containner of sought and dumped into a lake as a season final omg ,  JP UCOME UP WITH YOUR OWN SHIT ,  fuck you 

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