Hiro... (possible spoilers)

IM ready to see bad ass future Hiro. He was from five years in the future when he appeared in S1. Well were are almost there and yet no pony tail. ITS TIME WRITERS

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Peter and Nathan flying

This is a very good point. Silar never took it from Nathan.... Maybe its from the past... Maybe its a...... oh hell its a plot hole call it for what it is.... COme on writers...

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Volume 5 Redemption

She is not going to be Barbara. She is still Tracy.

Today class we are going to talk about the different properties of ice. When ice gets warm it turns to a liquid state. Now it doesnt have to be water, most liquids can freeze if they get cold enough. Now being as Tracy was Frozen then shattered the only way for her to reform would be to thaw and liquify. This is why she can form into water. Not because she has become someone else.

This concludes the class on liquid dynamics.

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Make Claire Dangerous!

My thoughts are to make her like Deadpool (the comic one not the movie) He can heal from anything, hes good with guns and leathal with katanas. Thats the direction they should take her.

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how will hiro get his power's back?

Anyone have thoeries on Hiro.. Why is he having problems.

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Good things about Heroes

now that you are pointing it out that Nathan is the obvious one i'm worried that you are right. Knowing fuller he likes to keep us on our toes... Who knows man just have to wait and see i guess..

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The future IS written in stone...

Nah. cant be Peter. Hes a headliner... It's gonna be a hero wont be the mom or brother. Seresh maybe but I think it will be Nathan. I say that because Sylar is going to be President as Nathan The Character that is the real Nathan will then be expendable. They can lose the character without losing the character.

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Heroes sucks

Well good for you.... We should care why? gotta feeling you know its not true

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Peter's Powers.

He gets them back from Sylar. Sylar is the only one that shapeshifts right now. However, we know that Peter can shapeshift in the future. He turns into present Peter when he comes to kill Nathan.

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I Am Sylar

Do we really even know if the stabb to the back of the head has ever worked on Sylar. This would explain how he got out of the fire. Makes perfect since that they would do it like this. Fuller is fixing an earlier loophole about how Sylar lives still.

I loved the show I am exceited about next week but that will mean the end until like September or some crap. It could actually be HRG that dies. This will explain why Sylar becomes him (his personallity) in the future. Sylar can balance his personallity by being the badass family man with power. Everything he has always wanted wrapped up in one shot. Just a thought.

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