S03E18 Thread

alot of things were wrong with this episode ! the whole let's bring Sage and make a big deal about it and how she influenced damon blah blah ! and then kill her in the next episode !,,what was the point , she didn't add anything and now she's dead!

Also elena is getting on my nerves ,her face and reactions and hair  and outfits  are always the same ,and she's in every scene !!!!.

Also  don't the writers get that the whole triangle thing is not interesting anymore !,,,i get it elena loves stephan but she has feelings for damon !,,,seriously that's old news !  every triangle scene is becoming like a deja vu inside another deja vu !,,so boring,.

Actually alot of the episode was deja vu ,the whole let's kill klaus and fail was the biggest deja vu of all !..

the good things were caroline  and ,maybe the scene with damon,stephan klaus and rebekah at the end !


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S03E16 Thread

i didn't like this episode !,, it was boring and what annoys me the most is that it could have been easily less boring  if... say they'd shown  us caroline and bonnie handling the whole abby thing or maybe where's the original and what they're up to or what's Tyler been up to !

Sage was pretty useless in this episode , the whole hype about her appearance wasn't matched at all .

Also Matt and Elena =the most boring scenes in the history of scenes !,,,they really should end up together ,they are equally boring .

I still don't get the point of merideth being on the show !.

the last 10 minutes of the episode was decent ,but other than that it was boring.


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S03E15 THread

what was that ?,,that was so stupid !!

i was literally cheering for rebekah to burn elena ! but we all knew that wasn't gonna happen because everybody's life on the show revolves around saving annoying elena !

seriously just let her die already ,,the whole taking her hostage and everybody trying to save her is really old and annoying !

And lol at the tree thing !,i think this is the most stupid thing i ever heard on any show i've ever watched !

also lol at the killing alaric cliffhanger !, i mean .the guy dies like twice a day ,! him being dead  is hardly news in the TVD's world !,,,,,,and merideth is involved in the killings !!, that was so stupid and expected !,,,are these your ideas of cliffhangers writers !???

this season has no main story holding it together ! i really believe the writers are just trying to fill the episodes with anything to get through this  season !,,

i  like the  originals !,,if the show was just about them ,it would be much better !,,no boring love triangle ! no saving elena and more importantly NO elena !

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Thoughts on Klaroline.

i think the writers are handling it wrong !,,,the whole horses and painting thing was too much !!,,,i mean for the whole episode ,,i totally forgot klaus is the bad guy !,,,i am on board of showing us a good side of him ,but painting and horses ,it was just too cliche!

other than that i like caroline and i also like klaus ,,and their interaction is nice ,,so i'd rather have a whole episode with klaus and croline than one scene with stupid boring elena in it !


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elena gilbert special how?

i don't get elena as a character !!,,,she walks around thinking she's perfect !,,i mean somehow  i get why the salvatore brothers would fall for katherine ,,,but elena !!,,i don't get it ,,

add to this that she has zero storyline this season !...so come on writers let's make her a suspect in whatever CSI plot they r trying to pull ,,and last episode ,let's put her in the car with bonnie for support ,,and  this episode let her stay with caroline for support !,,,,like seriously she has no storyline what so ever ,,she's just being pushed into others' story lines !,,

plus she's the biggest hyppocrite ever telling caroline that it's her dad's choice to live or die ,,i mean i agree of course !.,,but really elena u r talking about choices !,,don't u recall compelling ur brother and sending him out of town ,without leaving him a say in it  !!,,,seriously i agree with klaus ,she and matt would make the perfect couple ,,,,,,


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3.13 Reaction !

i thought cole looked a bit like elijah !

and it really is the original diaries now !.but seriously i'm all for it ,let's kill off matt and elena and bonnie ! and just keep caroline damon and stephan and the originals ! ,,i mean a show about elijah ,klaus ,rebekah and caroline as the lead character  ,how cool would that be !,,

i felt really sad for caroline !,,and matt ,seriously i don't get the point of him being on the show !,he just pops up to hug elena and caroline and talk about how messed up the town is !,i get it he's the only human left but seriously he's useless ,actually i agree with klaus he's kinda perfect for elena ,they're both useless!

i really liked the dinner scene !,,and i also likd the reaction of the originals to thier mother being alive ,they all looked speechless !,,,but for some reason i don't like the mother ,!!

in general it was a good episode !,

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3x06 Thread

well i didn't laugh cuz elena is like buffy !..i mean buffy carried her show ,,,she never bored me and i never doubted that she was the main charatcer,,,,unlike elena who i feel she's totally useless,she doesn't have any role except that half the people on the show wants to kill her  and the other half are madly in love her and wants to protect her !!!......

i just laughed because i like damon ,and i like the idea that apparently at some point he watched BTVS !

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3x06 Thread

my favourite part  of the episode was when micheal started feeding on katherine !..i really didn't see that coming !..but i hope him killing klaus won't just be as simple as feeding on him ,,that would be lame !!,,i also don't think the writers would kill katherine..after all she's thier plot device ! ,she's fun but she keeps coming and going for no apparent reason !!


Also i felt like i wanted to punsh tyler in the face 2day !!... i also wanted to punsh rebeckah..u're like  1000 years old and u're trying out for cheerleading !!


i laughed when damon told elena that stephan is probably shaping his hair ,also when he called her buffy !


matt is getting on my nerves ,the way he always talks like he's about to cry really annoys me !...


ripper stephan should have been more evil ,i kinda like him a bit more than b4 though !.....i'm totally a delena fan but just giving us a couple of second of closeness between them every episode is lame and is ruining them for me !!.....and also i don't like stelena,,but i really liked the scene when she fell and he caught her !

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What did you love about The Reckoning??

i'm loving klaus ,,his lines r great ,also the actor playing him is pretty good ,,also i am starting to like rebekah ,she's kinda cool !...glad stephan is bad now ,,but it really took them too long to make him bad !!,i mean he was supposed to be bad from the begining of the season !!..and when they finally decide to make him bad ,it's because klaus compelled him !??..it's just kinda lame!!...but @least he's bad now !!

matt is really really boring ,,i feel that the writers r trying to impose him on us ,,!!..he's useless,,!.he doesn't fit in and he doesn't have a storyline pretty much since the show started ..making him able 2 c vicky is a really desperate move from the writers to make him useful !,,,it's just boring and  i can't c what's the use of this story line ,,jeremy already sees her !

love delena ofcourse,,i just love the way damon looks at her ,!,,,4 me she is boring ,,!but i really want damon to be happy for once!!,,,

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S3 Ep1

it was pretty good  . but i gotta say i don't like it that they showed us that stephan still has good and him and that he still cares and stuff ,i mean @ least not so early !  .

i liked the scene with alaric and damon when they found the 2 dead girls and how damon recognized stephan's signature and that they were his victims .Also i liked the scene with stephan ,damon and andy with the famous ( hello brother).i liked it better when damon said it though :P

But 4 some reason i still have the feeling that something is missing ,they should bring elijah back quicker ,or maybe katherine,u know anyone cool other than elena that can help damon and alaric,elena's a bit boring !..i liked her words to stephan at the end though .!

anyways nice episode ,loved caroline and tyler ,i look forward to the next episodes :D

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