90210 Top Ten Couples of all season

1. Silver/Dixon

2. Navid/Ade

3. Naomi/Liam

4. Dixon/Ivy

5. Teddy/Ian

6.  Annie/Ethan

7. Annie/Jasper

8. Naomi/Oscar

9. Liam/Ivy

10. Silver/Teddy


10. Ade/Teddy

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hate Adrianna

nope season 1 number 1 couple was Silver/Dixon!

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Which couples??

I used to be 100% Silver/Dixon but now im kinda liking the Dixon/Ivy..?

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team naomi or team ivy?! w/c team r u????

Its all about Naomi!!!

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Do you like Teddy?

I dislike Teddy even more because he is going to date Silver. in some ways it will b good becuz she will realize that Dixon is her true love that is the only reason why im kind of accepting this

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perfect girl for liam

i still think the perfect couples are: Silver/Dixon, Ade/Navid, Naomi/Liam plain and Simple.

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Silver and Dixon FOREVER!

Ok Bruromulmicle. Wat ever that means so how do u feel about Silver and Dixon???

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Teddy and Silver... HELL NO

Umm Rafi Dixon dnt call her a freak he was upset wen she made the sex tape an i think any normal person would b. Even though i despise Teddy he was a great friend to Silver and i give him props. Bt i still think he an Silver wouldnt make a great couple. I think Silver and Dixon were ment to be.

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Adrianna and Gia?!?

Shes nt in that bad of a situation that she has to b a lesbo...

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Teddy and Silver... HELL NO

U guys rnt believers u dnt believe they r gonna get bakk together... I believe i dnt care wat u guys say

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