Your TOP 5 couples of all times?

1. Rosalie/Edward (don't even ask)

2. Spike/Buffy

3. Chuck/Blair

4. Lucas/Peyton

5. Tie between Hyde/Jackie & Lois/Clark.

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Well, the only thing I'm gonna say is: I'm glad Chair fans are keeping their word of quitting the show if there's no Chuck&Blair. Recently, announced Gossip Girl reported 1.4/2 on rating last monday, making that 26% less viewers than last year.

And it was obvious that would happen. Stupid writers. Don't you know we are on recession!? I don't want anyone fired! (...maybe Vanessa. Or Dan. Pointless characters,ew.) Or worse: NO GOSSIP GIRL AT ALL!! (Because really, Gossip Girl moments make mondays better!).

Chair is endgame, though.

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