Interesting thought about Sylar!

I don't think he goes to the dna level. It's been established that the powers come out of the structure of the brain; like tumors [hence Hiro & Charlie's problem] or hard-wiring of the information. That explains why Sylar needs a good "feel" for how his victim's brains are configured. He needs to replicate the physical structure to replicate the ability. But since there is plenty of room in the brain, so much of it unused, he could always place the "chip" in a different location.

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Thanksgiving Episode Thread

I don't think it's Peter who's going to put a hurt on Sylar. What would he use? Samuel is a pretty big fish and maybe he and Sylar will duke it out. But as for Hiro's reference to Watson; I agree he's thinking in terms of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, Ando would be Hiro's Watson, so maybe he's thinking that Ando is in trouble, as in a past situation. Re Claire & Gretchen; that is just bad writing. What, girls are so emotional and irrational that they can't remember what they've just been through? And these are supposedly intelligent girls.On the other hand, I've completely gone from not liking Lauren to liking her a lot.

What I'm waiting for is for Angela to find out that her "friend" put the hit on her dear son. Angela is not the forgiving type!

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Into Asylum

The trouble with those who insist Sylar simply used telekinesis to get out of the car is that he only had a second while Danko went for his gun. The car door never opened, wasn't left open, and we didn't hear it shut. How did Sylar get out? And levitating to the top of a multistory building in a second isn't just levitating, it's basically flying. If it isn't fairly easily understood, that's a fault of the writers. We shouldn't have to work so hard to figure out the "rules". All that said, I also think it's worth the trouble to follow the show. I would hate to have to wait 2-3 years between movies to see Zach Quinto in Star Trek movies because Heroes got canceled. That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

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Turn and Face the Stranger

Invictus, you're gross. Killing Hiro would be like smashing a puppy.

The guys who are saying Sylar is focused on becoming President are right. The major clue they're even forgetting is the whole conversation with his father a few episodes back. Sylar hates him but still was hanging on every word when his father said acquiring new abilities was meaningless in itself, the thing to do was go after bigger game. Sylar wants that power and status, and he wants the other heroes out of the way so he can do it. And NOW he's got that shapeshifting ability we saw in the future when he was pretending to be Nathan. The future is getting closer...Peter should be getting that scar any time, now.

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