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New Ed Tatto (Ed Westwick)

oh my gosh. i hate it. LOL

hopefully CHUCK has not to be shirtless. because this is so not chuck bass.

but hey. its ed. ^^

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ED to star in Wuthering Heights (Ed Westwick)

thats so amaying. :) wait to see him playing him.i love that book. and i love ed... so its perfect... i think

nice greetings from london now. tommorow in austria again. :(

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Ed's the Boogeyman (Ed Westwick)

haha. how dare you ed? Chuck would never do such things.. tzbut hey. u are human. :) but please do that at home... not when there are paparazzis

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chuck needs his old hair back. (Ed Westwick)

i think the new hair is better than the old one. he looks older now... and sexier.

well... however... i think both hairstyles are good.

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Is Ed ready to come OUT! (Ed Westwick)

haha. hopefully :)

better this hottie than jessica. ah. i hate her

well... but i think they are just friends. they just hang out... sooo.. yeah

the same rumour as the one with chace.

whatever ;)

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How will Chuck say those three little words to Blair?

maybe lavender.

this would be chuck. but maybe... he'll change and become a nice guy :)


aaah. i hate the rain. i want snow ;(

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Season 3 Yes or No???

C and B get together?!? this would be soooo wonderful :)


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Whose side are you on- Jenny or Vanessa?

definetely vanessa.J is to young 4 N and i think V & N are the better couple.

i dont like J not really so... im 4 V

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*rawr* hottie (Penn Badgley)

i love dan. i mean...

he is such a nice guy and he is the perfect son-in-law. and he is sooo cute.

what do u think?

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