Abusing Elena!

THIS IS FOR ELENA GILBERT, who is annoying even when she is not in the scene.

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Kol's death (can we discuss this).

Kol is the only person who makes sense in the show at the moment who is good looking too. if pig Plec will kill my favourite original after ruining Klaus' character and sending Elijah and Katherine away, i will find her .. and kill her.


Haha Mrs. Kol Mikaelson, your comments always make me laugh!! and hi others, long time no see :)

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FINALLY STEFAN!!! I'm proud!

kol was a highlight, elena cardboard made me wanna stab myself everytime she nodded or just was there. stefan is trying to get over her so why is he still working on finding the cure? screw that bitch. 

i really hope kol wont die next episode or near future :(( he is the only person making some sense in this series. 

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Rebekah daggered AGAIN!!! Nooo!!!!

why did they introduce originals when lovely Rebekah is constantly being daggered, amazing Elijah is always gone, Finn who is dead and PRETTY BOY KOL who is not even in the show???!!!!

STOP BEING SCREEN TIME TO USELESS MATT OR APRIL WHO AND STICK WITH CHARACTERS U HAVE INTRODUCED (but i am not complaining about Hayley/Phoebe. she will be awesome!!)

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oh love






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PHOEBE <3 OMG PHOEBE <3 i was overjoyed when she appeared!! Rebekah was legendary with episode. Anyway i hope Tyler didnt cheat, otherwise it is a cheap attempt to make Klaroline stronger and I love Hayley but also Forwood. Decent episode this week to be honest. Elena is more bearable somehow.

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their looks

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This is why I can't stand Elena stans

........ why some people are so dumb, it is just simply so sad. 

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the only positive things about this episode:

1. Rebekah was awesome

2. Trevino showed good acting skills

3. There was no OMG i love Stefan but I love Damon confusion.

... otherwise it was messy and confusing. Damon acted like a little brat. And they didnt need to keep Klaus alive to be honest.

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the many faces of Elena

got why elena is so irritating in everything. even when she smiles ... -.- :D

on the other hand everything katherine does is just awesome ... 

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