Delena fans Turning to Datherine?

oh yeah ... DATHERINE ROCKS!

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Datherine theme song!!!!!!

love that song and it is soooo about Datherine :D

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Klaus makes Alaric sexier???

mean ppl are always hotter ...

Elena vs Katherine - Katherine is hotter

Stefan vs Damon - Damon

Klaus in Alarics vs normal Alaric - ofc Klaus in Alaric's body :DD

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I was so upset when Jenna died :(( .. but i dont blame Katherine because as she said, she tried to save herself. .. all i blame is Klaus! :DD

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tv show or book?

tv show and books are so so so so different. i read books first and i was so mad when i saw the first episode of TVD - so fckng different :DDDD .. but now i love it more than any other TV show. anyway u should try to read those books, they re amazing. just different. a lot 

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"Hello brother"

Damon's "Hello Brother" was the time when i fall in love with him :] :DD

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Alaric / double shot

Alaric is amazing, so great to have him in the show. But poor guy, Isobel and now Jenna died. :(

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What's the point of this whole love triangle?

I like ur opinion about the triangle thing because u re totally right. In the end, Katherine will realize her feelings towards Damon are stronger than attraction, she will fight for him, they will end up together. Stefan will b with Elena, loving each other and have a painful bye bye in the end when she will come back to Matt and Stefan .. will be with Caroline because Caroline will stay young since Tyler will get older. :D but ofc Caroline and Tyler thing will be :D

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Datherine vs Delena

yup but on papers they re siblings since Lyly and Rufus are married. Plus isnt it weird .. my mother is married to a guy and im going out with his son?

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Elena from books ..

I love the whole vampire diaries show but I didnt like Elena as much as I thought. Elena from the book was way more interesting, she was like a mixture of TV vampire's diaries' Katherine and Elena. Who agrees with me?

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