Top 10 werewolves

oh Mason is incredibly hot. and Tyler is a hottie, yes. BUT what the hell is Jacob Black doing there!!! o.O .. even the guy who plays in the parody Vampires suck is better and much sexier! :D

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Katherine or Elena?

Stelena is just a classic, would b lame if Elena would leave him because of Damon and honestly face it .. i dont think that they would b a great couple, it s just sweet to see how closer they get to each other.

Im fr Datherine. The truth is, Katherine was awful to him in the past but he was like a lost poppy and it bored her. Now he is differenct, keep rejecting her which appears totally hot to Katherine and also Damon now knows how he should handle this bitchy awesome hot woman :] .. 

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Nina Dobrev, a bad actress?

in the beginning i thought the same - that Nina Dobrev is a damn bad actress .. and then she can as Katherine and i gotta admit .. she nails it. u can see the difference between the character elena and katherine even thou it the same person who is acting. a different way of walk, speaking or looking. Nina is great actress, Elena character is just boring. thats all :D

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What is your opinion about Katherine?

agree with prom_queen!

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Will we ever see Andie Star again?

Andie was great. From all Damon's distraction I think she is the most intelligent one even thou she is sometimes compelled. After a scene where Damon was damn mad and told her to leave, will we see her again? I liked her.

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Katherine Pierce's death

KATHERINE CANT DIE!!! she has such an interesting personality and she can suprise as anytime (like a sudden care about Damon in two last episodes?). Plus i think Stelena will b together fr a very long time and I kind of feel sorry for Damon who is not loved and was never been loved :( kat and damon would b awesome together. their scenes together are always fun or exciting!! but firstly she needs to deserve him. It would b nice if she would find a way to find a cure against his death!!! 

Team Datherine <3

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Damon- astrology sign

btw ... but Caroline said in the beginning of season 1 this:

Caroline: His name is Stefan Salvatore. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.Bonnie: You got all that in one day?Caroline: Please. I got all that between third and fourth period.

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Katherine cares about Damon

Delena would b boring! it is just nice to see how they got closer and closer but cmon, can u imagine them in the relationship? IM TOTALLY FR DATHERINE!!

btw i totally agree with NEFELI

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Chair, Dair, Blouis or Nair?

Oh yeah i put it in the wrong section, damn >.< :D

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