Who do you think will win Chief Resident?

For me, the choices are Alex, Cristina, and Meredith because they have been there from the very beginning. They are the ones I think Richard is seriously conserding for Chief Resident.

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Rate The Grey's Anatomy Cast From A Scale On 1 - 20

Derek Shepherd-40/25

Meredith Grey-40/25

Mark Sloan-40/25

Addison Montgomery-40/25

Alex Karev-27/25

Izzie Stevens-0/25

April Kepner-0/25

Lexie Grey-0/25

Owen Hunt-27/25

Cristina Yang-27/25

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is callie pregnant? (Spoilers)

Callie just revealed to Arizona that SHE IS INDEED PREGNANT AND THE FATHER IS NONE OTHER THEN OUR FAVORITE MANWHORE, MARK! "I'm pregnant with Mark Sloan's baby!" is how Callie told Arizona. I hope Mark and Callie hook up now that Callie's pregnant with Mark's baby.

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Meet Thatchers new woman (Spoilers)

Thacther dating a younger woman will not affect Meredith at all.

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Mega Buzz- Meredith (Spoilers)

Hopefully, Meredith will be pregnant by the time this episode airs and we will have a McBaby. It will be good to see how Ellen Pompeo does in a Meredith-centric episode.

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Alzheimer's Trial (Spoilers)

I know what you're all thinking but let's face the truth: Meredith should be the one working with Derek on this Alzhimer's trial because the Alzhimer's will not only effect her but him as well. He will have to be in all these people's shoes when it comes time for Meredith to deal with the Alzhimer's. Their marriage will have to suffer the facts of the Alzhimer's when Meredith gets it.

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Who Will Meredith choose? (Spoilers)

I think that Meredith will choose Derek. She is still in love with Derek just like Derek is still in love with her. Finn has no chance with Meredith.

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Who Is Your All-Time Grey's Anatomy Favorite Couple? (Fan Fiction)

We all have favorite couples on Grey's Anatomy. Now is your chance to share with us why you love the couple you love. My favorite couples are MerDer and Maddison.

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Addison & Derek or Addison & Mark? (Relationships)

I love MerDer and Maddison. I hated Addek, Slexie, MerFinn, and Dose. MerDer is my #1 couple and Maddison is my #2 couple.

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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)












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