pregnancy, good or bad?

Yeah,and her mom would be like "abort,"

Blair did and that was one way of realiving the chair hookup.

IT IS OVERUSED.But i made a fanfic about it.

If NS,DV,BC were married,it would be cute-of course.

As for if she was pregnant,there are dozen fics about that.

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Chuck and Blair getting married.

Yes,it would be nice,but toward the end of S4 or S5.

They are EPIC.And maybe yes they'ill be a spin-off,when their kids are teens.

That would be cool.


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Goodbye disney welcome back GG

God,PTS.Just don't let your kiddies watch it if you're so offended.College is expertiomon,anyways.Chill a bit.

This is GG,not your happy-go-lucky Disney or Nick show.

THERE IS A RESON WHY THE BOOKS AND ESTINELLY THE SHOW ARE PG14.Generally,the idea was aimmed at older audinces.So PTS,my ass don't let ur kids watch.Good,now?Done peaching useless shit around?God,just let us have our show and your kids can watch their "edutcaionol" progams.Why is so offesnive,anyway?In college and high school,most poeple will get wasted and have 3somes.Are done "protecting" your kiddies or what?

Why protect them from the real world?

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They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They? (Season 3)


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All Things Chair

MC,please don't leave.

Yes,right now the charatvher depvolpemnt s=SUCKS

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All Things Chair

What did u guys think of oct.5th esi.?

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All Things Chair

okay,i guess nuthin' up i'm ask my fellow chairfantics a question:

What do you want for Chair This season??What would LIKE for season 3?

Seriously,no whining.Just want some awnsers...

So,yeah...back to question...

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The Lost Boy (Season 3)

OMG,can't wait.I love when fighting over something,not because Blair/Chuck spelt or almost spelt with someone esle!

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Chair is really boring me right now..

Me too.Sorry,but the way they been writing it SUCKS.

Like,i want MORE chair.

I got really hooked in Season Two.(Mind you,i started watching it after A Thin Line Between Chuck & Nate)

Don't screw with us,writers.

I know they would've to make chair a little cuter for it fit in the "serious realtionship thing"

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Remembering Chair...may the memories continue

"as I always like to say,

the shipping isn't over till you share a sibling."

OMG,so right.How can you ship poeple who share siblings???

I hate the fact ppl say Chair is now boring.Huh-ello,chair will never boring.

The realtionship isn't just the chase.

It's the cuteness & romance too.

I'ill be darned if you hate romantic chair,but i love it.


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