MADE MY DAY (Spoilers)

Dear Amie, I fucking agree with you 100%! 

Excatly how I see it too. 

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New set video DAIR? :| (Spoilers)

Bree04 I totally agree with you :)

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New set video DAIR? :| (Spoilers)

i saw the comments on that video. 

annoying Chair fans. I mean we have had to put up with them for 4 seasons. get over it. 

plus that was only a dream sequence... not the real deal. 


Chair fans will forever annoy me. GAHH. 

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5X10 PROMO (Spoilers)

agree with all you. the chair storyline is old and freaking annoying. its always the same with them. GG really needs new writers who can write something we haven't seen before... like blair and dan actually getting together... chuck and blair as a couple is boring. same old same old. 


thought id throw in my two cents.

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Blair's baby big spoiler! (Spoilers)

was i the only person who knew straight away that she would loose the baby? 

no offense but as if the writers would make blair actually have the baby. if they did, there goes gossip girl. 

just saying... 

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New Promo Poster for Season 4 (Spoilers)

have you noticed in that poster that chuck is in between dan and blair ;)

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Season Finale Promotional Poster (Spoilers)

lost all respect for blair if she does cheat on the prince and goes back to chuck. louis deserves alot better then her...


all i can say is gossip girl is going down hill and they've lost a viewer.... 

will have to wait for the finale.... 

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OMFG, 4.22 Script Spoilers! (Supposedly) (Spoilers)

im sorry but if blair were/does go back to chuck. these writers are fucking gay. 

i will literally stop watching it if that happens. -_- 

lately blair's descisions have been stupid and if that chair rumour is true, louis deserves to be with someone who is much better then blair. MUCH BETTER. 


tbh im starting to think season 5 will be the last season of GG.... its starting to go downhill now...


but this is entirely my own opinion!

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Shattered Bass Episode Preview (Spoilers)

im only watching this show now because of dair. 

now i think this show is lost.. its just getting stupid and annoying.

yes jenny had interesting storylines! i want her back!!


and if blair goes back to chuck well.... they've lost a viewer i can tell you that.

the finales gonna really have to shine in order for me and i know a few other people to keep watching it! 


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They broke the show (Spoilers)

im sorry, i use to be a chair fan, but if blair goes back to chuck, i will literally stop watching gossip girl. the shows just stupid now tbh about how they write the characters, chucks a physco crazy loco who only realises now he made a big mistake and now is all for getting blair back, which is all chuck and blair do, break up, get back together. its getting quite annoying and all he really cares about is business, i mean he sold her for a hotel, slept with jenny humprey (who btw i want back on the show.) nate is becoming boring and really has been getting no storylines other then with his GF. Serena is a little 10 year old, who needs to grow the fuck up and stop being an immature spoilt brat, and vanessa is a troll who needs to gtfo. as for dan... well im still a strong Dair fan and really hope something happens between them. I would love to see them as a couple. and i know Louis isnt going to be on the show forever... 

I mean yes i use to be a chair fan, but chuck just annoys me now. So im now a hopefully dair shipper! 

I hope the last eps for the season of GG are good enough for viewers to keep watching. 

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