The best and the worst tv shows



The Vampire Diaries

Gossip Girl



Pretty Little Liars

Royal Pains

Dead Like Me

Dark Angel

Detective Monk

The Dead Zone



Gilmore Girls


CSI: Miami




Greys Anatomy

One Tree Hill

Desperate Housewives


The OC.

Hanna Montana

Jonas L.A

Sonny With a Chance

Wizards of Wawerly Place

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All Things Chair

Hii Girls!! How are u??

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Fun Game:)

LIKE: Elena

LOVE: Damon!!

DISLIKE: Kathrine = wicked

FIRST IMPRESSION: The vampire bros are hot guys!

CONFESSION: Initially i thought Stefan was better than Damon.. but after few episodes Stefan has become boring... and Damon showed us his sweet side. He's the perfect guy for Elena. So DELENA FOREVER!!


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All Things Chair

But Chuck Bass never change. :D

That's right. His soulmate will be always blair... Chair forever :)

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All Things Chair

Helloo girls!  How are u?

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All Things Chair

If Chuck says I LOVE YOU to Eva i would DIE!!

OMG me tooo he MUST stay with Blair

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All Things Chair

Mmm, just a thought: If the first two episodes of GG or in Paris, does that mean none of the other characters will be in the first two episodes?!

Isn't there Jenny in Paris, right?

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All Things Chair

Are you as excited as the rest of us?

yes sure!

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All Things Chair

im good how are you valeee. and Rory ?

I'm fine thank you

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All Things Chair

Hey Carrie... I'm fine too for the same thing

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