Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

Santana has made it to top of my list

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Santana sticking up for Klaine

Santana held the show to me.  She showed a different side sensitive to the gay side I like that.  Hope to see more of her and Klaine together as well.  Did you see how Karofsky backed down like a squealing puppy?  Loved her.

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More Spoilers For Tuesday!

Or has the show teased it for too long and ruined your excitement over Wemma?  Emma was almost non existent til Sexy episode.  Will was moving on thank goodness.  And this couple has been lost in the over zealous plotlines this season to the shows determination to exibit controversial topics and anthems.  The kids couple drama has taken forefront to the adults plotlines.  Will Schuester had become weak and in the background and lost the magic as a formidable and influential adult in the kids lives.  Kinda sad his character took back seat for way too long.  Now for me Emma has lost all her precious ocd oddities to being way to weird and now an unnecessary character.  There is way too much couple crap going on.  Not interesting anymore.  Besides Will hasn't sung anything or way too little.  He is so talented to waste on being a background character.  All this is JMHO.

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Why life is complete.

Couldn't stand Jesse thought he was creepy and still do.  Why bring him back to apologize to Rachel when she is in love withFinn.  Couple drama sucks and stinks like a rabid skunk.  The storylines are dejavu from 1st season and really pathetic.  Just watch for musical numbers and fast forward thru couple crap especially Finn Quinn and Rachel crap.  Done with the plot lines way too typical and iratic no interest for me in the least anymore.  Thought Thriller and Silly love Songs and Original Song were the best of this season and I'm not impressed with what seems to be in store for the conclusion of this season.  Finn needs to return to good guy Finn to bring me back to watching the show for substance becuz as it is now there's nothing to view along the plot line. 

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Am I the only one who's a Holly Holiday fan?

Yes you are I'm not.  Can't stand her.  Don't care for Emma either.  Mr Shue needs someone who's sane.  He doesn't need anyone who needs therapy anymore.  Story is too stupid as it is.  Don't like GP's singing either.  I watch the show to see and hear the club sing not special guests.  GET HER OFF THE SHOW!!!!!! SSSUUUCCKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rachel and fame becuz she is meant to be a star like Barbra Streisand.  Rachel just like her actress who creates her is a star on Broadway.  That's what someone said to me and he was right I think.

Brittana hope so

Wemma have lost interest in Emma she's been gone too long

Quick hope so

Klaine they will be

Finchel hoped in the past but don't know now

Tina and Artie

Sam and Mercedes they are good people

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TOP 5 glee friendships you'd like to see:

Santana and Rachel for sure they are polar opposites but driven.  I think they would be great forceful and endearing friends for life kind.  That's why the finale the prom episode I feel Santana will askRachel to help her make Britanny jealous and Rachel knowing how  her dad's feel about each other will be gracious and willing to help Satana.  It'll probably shock Santana that she would agree but she will see another side of Rachel that only Finn has seen.  They spoilers say that there will be a cliff hanger til next season.  Well I think Sam and Santana will break up on 4-12 Night of Neglect and Finn and Quinn will break up on prom night.  Not only Sam and Finn will be shocked by the Pezberry couple but all will.  Jaw dropping.  Of course one never knows what the writers have in store for us.

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Finn and Quinn AAAH

@Noraaaaa I was Finchel at the end of s1 but when this season started Rachel was so obnoxious I couldn't stand her ( writers made her that way to be funny Not to all of us viewers).  Finn became a wimp and useless just a dog on a leash Ick.  No I don't ship Finchel I hope for good character development and great stories to tell not musical numbers with fill in so so stories.  That's been this season and I for 1 have been very disappointed to say the least.  I care about the interpersonal relationships between anybody not goofball slapstick that was early in the season.  I hope the plots get very interesting and fulfill our interests.

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Finn and Quinn AAAH

If Quinn really loved Finn how could she consider him damged to the point of being attracted to someone as annoying as Rachel.  Finn is so flawed to the point of his being non comittal.  He has no spine against either girl both with domineering attitudes.  He can't stand on his own 2 feet and make decisions on his own and won't back any one who has different opinions of the norm.  He has to explore his inner feelings about himself and whom he needs to be to be a man.  He has to do that before he can be anything other than a wimp to anyone especially a girlfriend whether it's Rachel or Quinn.  He is flawed so badly to the point that he hasn't had  character development to make Finn responsible to see himself as a man worthy confident to tackle the world on his own merits and in his own way on his own terms at his own time all knowing he can be all he is by being on his own not needing anyone to make him feel special.  Like Rachel always felt she needed a boyfriend for that.  At the end of Original Song she felt that validation from the club by believing in her and it made her see she was worthy.  Finn and Quinn haven't had that character building yet and they will.  But IMO Finn needs to be alone not with either Quinn or Rachel for they are both needy and manipulative he cannot handle their dominating attitudes yet.  Quinn needs to discover her inner being and focus on finding something that motivates her to the point of being a pathfinder to success becuz she is wise and talented in a different way than Rachel.  Rachel's is music.  Quinn's is drive and commitment to a cause.  Someone said she'd be a great lawyer I think they were right about that. But as I truely feel all three have so many wonderful things about their characters but they counteract each other's to the point they falter and fall on their face like Quinn last year Rachel this year.  I saw Finn Quinn Rachel in the audience watching Klaine sing Candles.  I don't feel Finn was thinking of Quinn while sitting next to her I feel he is torn becuz his look was in Rachel's direction.

Finn alone to reinvent his himself as a confident assertive MAN.  Finn's character I hope will be the next for development in the ensuing storyline so all of us can see where his mind has been going and see his lightbulb turn on.   

Quinn alone to assess and reinvent herself as confident not needy to any man or to settle for any thing other than a great things.  Not feeling having or settling for Finn to make her feel worthy and resign herself to only that she deserves right now.

Rachel alone to reinvent herself confidence worthy and focus on being the special person she hopes to be not having a boyfriend to fill that void.  She is making strides to being a good person and I'm thankful for that.  She is my most favorite character but even she this season was sickening to me.  I'm glad she has had the character growth she deserves.  After all one would think she wpuld have learned some things after a year and a half of being scoffed at and ridiculed.

We all want a good storyline but a logical one.  We all want good things for these characters and watch them see the light.  See it turn on and see them change for the better.  I for one wish the writers will put more influence into writing for Finn as the season comes to a close.

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Lets talk about (Quinn and FInn) Sex, Baby

After this episode Rachel's is becoming more likable thank God and showing more of her inner emotions to all.  Quinn is not so great at being a stand up human being either.  Finn is showing his distrust of her in not willing to annouce their dating publicly. Not so much worrying about Rachel as is Quinn and her motives.  It's apparent to alot of people that her main concern is herself and being on top and Finn is her vesse.  That to me is not emotional true love.  It is ME  ME  ME  ME.  That is her concern just like Rachel was in the past.

Personally I feel all 3 need personal self discovery without using someone else.

Finn using Quinn to get his mojo back

Quinn using Finn to get back on top

Rachel using Finn for self worth

NO I don't want any of them together I feel they are all broken people.

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