So Sick of Derek the dirtbag. Hope he comes home to divorce papers!

While not quite to your level, I completely understand your disdain for Derek.  While there are moments where I truly like him, there's also a lot that I spend going "what does she see in him?".  I have always found Derek's character to be very self-righteous.  I kind of got the feeling that even his mother does, when she came to town and talked to Derek about always seeing things in black and white.  The part that bothers me about him isn't so much his God complex as his tendency to kick Meredith when she's trying to help.  In season five when his patient died and he quit, Meredith came out to try and talk to him and in the course of the conversation he called her a lemon.  He laid into all of her fears about not being able to make a relationship work.  In this last episode when he found that she had switched the packets, he told her she'd be a bad mother, playing onto all those times she has expressed her fears and doubts to him because of her upbringing.  I feel it's very hard to claim to love someone if everytime you get upset with them, you use things you know they're insecure about to last out at them.  And if he did that with Addison (which I get the feeling he did), I can certainly see why things deteriorated between them.

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Need help for my thesis

The episode you're looking for is Season 3, Episode 17: Some Kind of Miracle.  It's the third part of the three episode ferry disaster arc when Meredith drowned.  Bailey puts Callie in charge of Izzie and George and she takes them to the clinic.  While Callie's trying to give blood for patients who need it, she and Izzie get into an argument over who is and isn't Meredith's friend (this is shortly after George and Callie get married).  Callie rips the tubing out of her arm and pulls the curtain to yell at Izzie.  I hope that helps.

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Cristina's Pregnancy a HUGE mistake or Life changing expierence?

I think it will totally ruin Cristina's character to give in to Owen and have this baby.  As someone pointed out, it's a rehash of Arizona and Callie's argument, except Owen can't claim to be blindsided by this.  Cristina made it clear from the beginning that she doesn't want children, never has and never will.  Everyone's saying she shouldn't give up children for her career and that Owen has promised to take care of the baby.  They're missing the point.  It's not about her career.  She could be a baker or candle-stick maker and Cristina still wouldn't want a baby.  It's just not who she is.  And saying that Owen promised to take care of it so it's not a problem misses the point as well.  Even if Owen is the stay-at-home parent or whatever, it still changes Cristina's life permanently.  As she said, you can't have half a baby.  She would still carry the baby for nine months, still give birth to it.  This isn't like goldfish where you feed them once a day and ignore them, it's a child.  It's not what she wanted and Owen WAS aware of that when they got married.  You can't marry someone hoping they'll change their mind on such a fundamental decision.  People get divorced daily because one doesn't want kids and the other does.  I'm also mad that the writers had a chance to show a strong, brillant woman who doesn't want children, who enjoys other people's kids (she'll be a great god-mother to Zola and Sofia), but doesn't want her own.  And instead of taking that route, it seems to be poor Owen, Cristina's mean and selfish and immature and won't give him a baby, even though he knew that from the start.  He wanted them to talk about it and they did.  She knows what he wants and even understands it, but she made her decision.  And instead of accepting that that's part of who she is, he just threw her out of the house.

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Grey Quiz (Relationships)

01. The first character I fell in love with: Cristina Yang

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Alex, Bailey

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't: Derek, Izzie

04. The character I love that everyone else hates: Mark, Addison, April, Lexie (before people started liking her.)

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer: George, Arizona

06. The character I would shag anytime: Callie

07. The character I want to be like: Callie

08. The character I'd slap: Teddy, Owen

09. A pairing that I love: Lexie & Jackson, Meredith & Cristina, Callie & Cristina, Mark & Callie (I usually like the friendships better than the romances).

10. A pairing that I hate: Cristina & Burke, Hahn & Callie, Alex & Izzie (He's too good for her in my opinion)

11. Favourite character: Cristina Yang

12. My five favourite characters: Cristina, Callie, Mark, Alex, Bailey (and Lexie!)

13. My five least favourite characters: Izzie, Thatcher, Rose, Derek and Arizona

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Who's The Grown-Up Here? (M/A/C)

@n - As a matter of fact, I have been in a relationship.  More than one.  I never said that Callie sleeping with Mark was mature.  Or even a good decision.  I said that the way they were handling it, the aftermath of Callie becoming pregnant was mature.  They've both stepped up and took responsibility.  And I don't think Mark having second thoughts about the baby makes him a bad person (or a bad parent), lots of people have second thoughts.  He made the decision though to be a father to his child despite the fact that it cost him his relationship with a woman he loves.  And Callie and Arizona didn't just have a fight and "separate".  They had a fight and then Arizona got on a plane to another continent for what was supposed to be a three-year stint. 

@amelia - I agree Mark was being a bit of a jerk in the musical episode.  I really disliked his "we'll just have sex again" lines.  I think that both Arizona and Mark were completely out of it during this episode.  Mark's lost babies before (Addison terminating, Sloane disappearing), but for him to lose Callie, his person, obviously struck him pretty hard.  That doesn't make what he said okay though.  I think using the accident to bring Mark and Arizona together feels very forced though.

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Who's The Grown-Up Here? (M/A/C)

Technically Derek did not wait for Meredith to get on the same page with him.  He wanted to, but he grew impatient and began dating Rose.  He still wanted Meredith and thought about her (like Mark does with Lexie), but he also began moving on (or at least trying to).  The difference is that Mark's moving on resulted in an "oops" that Lexie doesn't want to be a part of.  Derek could have had the same issue (and given Rose's "Derek, I'm pregnant" prank, almost did).  But I feel Mark's being put down for taking on that responsibility.  Yes, he wants a child, and a family.  Does that make him a bad person?  People might say yes, because it was with someone else's partner.  But it wasn't, at the time.  Both Mark and Callie were single, and for all that the audience may know that Mark/Lexie and Callie/Arizona are MFEO, they don't.  In their world, they don't know if they'll ever get back with that person.  Luckily for Callie, Arizona loved her and came back, but she didn't know that would happen.  And if Arizona hadn't come back, most people would be thrilled that Mark and Callie both got the baby they always wanted.  But because Arizona's back, she's upset that she has to share and it results in her essentially being mean to Mark.  I actually like Arizona in most aspects, with the big exception of her relationship with Mark.  She's never been very nice to him, despite him always trying to get along with her, and since the baby storyline it's gotten progressively worse. 

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Who's The Grown-Up Here? (M/A/C)

Am I the only person who feels sorry for Mark in regards to the triangle?  The recent episodes where Arizona's constantly complaining about having to share her life with Mark have really irked me.  I'm sure Mark's not thrilled about having to include Arizona in all of the decisions regarding his child, but he seems to be handling it a lot better than she is.  Her whole speech a few episodes back about how this isn't her dream made me think how much I'd like to hear a similiar speech from Mark about how it isn't his either.  Yes he wanted a child.  With LEXIE.  But him and Lexie were broken up, and Arizona left Callie and she came to him for comfort.  And now he's stepping up to be a part of his child's life, which ended his relationship with Lexie (again) and all he's getting for it is flak from Arizona.  When she told him during the baby shower that he wasn't normal because he was "pretending" to enjoy the shower, I thought why isn't it normal to enjoy a party to celebrate your child's existence?

I also feel sorry for Callie.  Yes she wanted a baby, but once again with ARIZONA.  But she left her.  And then Arizona came back into Callie's life expecting everything to go back the way it is and now she's mad that it will never be that way again.  Callie's pregnant and emotional and while Mark seems to be trying to support Callie and keep her happy, Arizona just keeps picking arguments and making snide comments that sound like she doesn't think Callie should be so excited about the baby (or the shower) because it's not what they had originally planned.

Am I really the only one who feels that it's Arizona who needs to grow up in this situation?

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Can't Fight Biology (Episodes)

Can someone explain to me how Meredith knew about Mark & Derek's little sis sleeping together?  I highly doubt Mark is going to brag about it to Derek (Hey dude, nailed your baby sis.  You know, in addition to your other sister, your ex-wife, and your current wife's baby sis).  I just don't get how she knew about it since the only one who saw them together (that we know of) is Lexie, and Lexie acted like it was the first time she mentioned it to Mer.  Thanks!

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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)

1. Cristina

2. Callie

3. Alex

4. Mark

5. Meredith

6. Bailey

7. Addison

8. Lexie

9. George

10. Jackson

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Mcsteamy and Cally!!!! (Relationships)

I really enjoy watching Mark and Callie together, but I worry with Mark's history.  After George and Hahn, the last thing Callie needs is to end up with another person who will screw things up.  On the flip side however, we haven't seen Mark with anybody since he and Callie started the whole sex buddy/friend-you're my person thing, so it's possible she's turning Sloane into a one woman man.  But part of me doubts it.  They said Sloane gets his own love story this season, but with what Callie's already gone through this season, I doubt it's with her.  We'll just have to see.

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