Blair looks beautiful here!

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Some scenes from S4 E1 and E2 (Spoilers)

I like the name Milo!

And love Chuck/Lily relationship, but it's so weird he decides to have nothing...

Best line I've read was "Do you know how hard it is to keep a baby alive?" from Dan, I like it cause I imagine him desperate with all that baby stuff...

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Dan, Vanessa, BABY?! (Spoilers)

I don't know which is more disturbing, Dan walking around with a baby or the fact that someone made a fan site for jessica. Jessica has fans? 

I'd say the second one is more disturbing! Dan with a baby would be a bit funny, I think.


But seriously, Dan is smart. I hope he doesn't believe it's his baby, it'd be a big dissapointment. But if the baby turns out to be Dan's... it'll be just plain stupid.

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Can somebody figure out what Blair and Serena are saying in this video? (Spoilers)

I think I heard Leighton say something like "I" and "decide".

That's all, sorry...

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more blake and leighton pics (Spoilers)

Of COURSE they were shooting outside Chanel...

And that red dress is the same she's wearing when she's with Chuck at the train station! I wonder if that's before or after...

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Chuck and Eva KISS SET VIDEO! (Spoilers)

I just wish he doesn't tell her he loves her.

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Georgina's baby? (Spoilers)

So when GG comes back the baby should be born, right?

You think we'll get to see the baby in the first episodes?

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chuck and blair set video (Spoilers)

She's GORGEOUS  here. Even the "new" Chuck can't resist, I'm sure...

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Chuck and Eva kiss pictures... (Spoilers)

It's soooo STRANGE to see him dressed like that... Is that my Chuckie?

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Pics from Season (Spoilers)

Talking about Georgina... she was HUGE in the season finale and if when the show returns summer has ende or is about to end, that baby should be born, right? Or are they actually going to continue from a few days later? Now I'm intrigued... Can you imagine Georgina with a baby?! And Dan?! I so want to see that...

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