Name of the songs that they sang on the musical episode (Music)

Psapp-Cozzy In the Rockets

Snow Patrol chasing Cars

Anna Nalick Breathe (2am)

Gomez How We Operate

Get Set Go Wait

Jesus Jackson Running On Sunshine

KT Tunstall Universe & U

Kate Havenevik Grace

The Fray How to Save A life

Brandi Carlile The Story


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what is the best episode you saw in Grey's Anatomy ?!

Season 7 Slow Night, So Long is the best episode it was funny and dramtic at the same time and that is the episode callie got pregnant on and all of the bar scenes were just great and have some wonderful actresses and actors.

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Song Beneath The Song (Episodes)

NOW WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT CALLIE TO BE KILLED... like that is my favorite character if mereidth was hurt i would not be like die bitch no i will be saying i hope mereidth dont die i will say save her life and do everything you can to save it like i did for callie..... callie is as important as mereidth and any other chararcter..

no they wiil not kill callie nor the baby shonda rhimes said it herself on spoliers.

i love callie a lot too and if she dies or the baby im, blaming it on ARIZONA i was trying not to blame it on her but im now because it is all of her fault... mark is her bestfriend she can at less text him or anyone in fact i will all ways love arizona at that fact and callie if she is off the show...

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Callie and Arizona (Relationships)

If callie and arizona can get through this stitution then they can get through anything. They are the MFEO because they love each other like a little girl wanting a pony for her 5th birthday.

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Shower Sex????

callie ad mark but they didnt have but he was having suggestions about sex she said no because havig sex with him makes her think about how great she had sex with Arizona. And mark said having sex with her it makes him think about Lexie>!

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Worst Relationship and why? (Relationships)

Callie and Erica were the worst couple ever because callie it was her first time being a lesbian and erica was more increased to doing less talking a more touching. Mereidth and McVet because she loves derek and if she was that into McVet then she would have chose him instead of filpping a coins like a loser..

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Callie Torres- 25/25 (I love her ,mas bellas) Means Most Beautiful in Spanish

Cristina Yang-25/25 (I love her ,Twisted sister 2, Hardcore)

Mark Sloan-25/25 (I love him, baby daddy, McSteamy)

Arizona Robbins-22/25 (Pink bubble lady)

April Kepner-15/20 (Sweet chick)

Alex Karev-20/20 (Bad Ass)

Miranda Bailey-20/25 (Mrs.Eli)

Jackson Avery-16/20 (Mr.Lovey Dovey )

Mereidth Grey-10/20 (Twisted Sister 1, Softcore)

Richard Webber-14/20 (Chief)

Derek Sherpard-19/20 (McDreamy)

Owen Hunt-21/25 (McArmy)


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is callie pregnant? (Spoilers)

weall know tht she is pregnant. she got pregnant episode 9 season 7

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These Arms of Mine (Episodes)

this was a good episode every episode shonda does it is a master piece

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What do you think of Callie's pregnancy?

this is best thing every so get over your selves people

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