Five least favorite Grey's character's

haha jeez!! calm down, its just a programme, its not as if they are real

if you feel so strongly about it then just ignore this topic

doesnt mean we dont like the actors, its just the characters in genreal,and to be honest, they wont feel hurt or antyhing.. because, believe it or not, they are not real

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Five least favorite Grey's character's

1. Rose (just NO!!!! why did she even try and separate Merder??? just NO!!!)


2. Denny (in series 5 he was just soooooo annoying i just wanted him to leave for good!!)


3. Sadie (pointless pointless pointless and a waste of space!!)


4. Ava (she was just a bit psycho, needed some help, glad shes gone now!)


5. Thatcher (he is such a bad father, but does my head in cause i always feel sorry for him, which i dont want to do!!!! argh!!)

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McDreamy Or McSteamy?

well, in real life i would like a McDreamy because he is so sweet,

but... McSteamy is WAYYYYYYY sexier than McDreamy!!

so ill have to say Mark SLoan gets my vote

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Least favourite episode (Episodes)

i really didnt like when Denny came back and was always at Izzie in series 5!!

it really annoyed me because i just wanted Izzie and ALex to be together and Denny was getting in the way!!

it seriously done my head in!

also didnt like the "plant" scenes either, she was a waste of space

but i cant say i hated any episode in particular

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Who all think hunt should get a Mc name??

i think Jackson should DEFINITELY get a Mc name, same with Hunt, there is just something about him that i really like

McBuff for Jackson i think hahaha

and for Hunt, McBabe :)

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