Jenny in Shattered Bass? (Spoilers)

Don´t rely on imdb, you can read on the GG page that Leighton Meester and Kelly Rutherford are in the same amount of episodes, which is just not true.

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Blair Engaged?! (Spoilers)

Oh please. Even if they were engaged, it´s obviously part of a bigger storyline, which means, an actual wedding would never take place (it´s GG, duh).


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Nate and Raina (Spoilers)

Seriously, I really don´t get why most of you guys see Nate as a whore.

Apart from the Duchess he always had feelings for the girls he slept with, there was just a lot of bad luck involved. He even liked Jenny (god knows why) or at least cared a lot for her. It was never just fun for him (except for - I repeat - the Duchess and even that stopped being fun at some point...).



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The Townie discussion (Spoilers)

There must be more behind the Bass Industries Sale...just doesn´t make any sense.


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4.12 – The Kids Are Not Alright promo (Spoilers)

Seriously, don´t you think there´s something weird about Lily double-crossing Chuck?

We all know she´s weird and protective in a harmful way for others - but her love for Chuck always seemed genuine, there must be some kind of good reason why she wants to sell Bass just doesn´t make any sense otherwise.

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A Little taste of what's to come (Spoilers)

The twist might also refer to Lily wanting to sell Bass Industries... at least for now there is no logical explanation why she would want to, it just doesn´t make any sense. That´s what makes me think there might be more to that story...maybe she gets blackmailed?

She never wanted the company (at least she said so from the beginning) and though Lily definitely failed in many ways as wife and mother, she was always there for Chuck and worried sick about him when he went missing in summer...

No doubt what she did to Ben and his family was horrible, but the sale of Bass Industries doesn´t make any sense to me - anyone else thinking there´s something weird about that?


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Spoiler alert who's getting engaged (Spoilers)

I agree with Lavender - it would make so much sense! I´d really love that :)

It´s way too early for Chuck and Blair. I´m glad he didn´t get to proposing last season.


BTW, Coliz, I really hope you have something else in your life other than Chuck and Blair. Because all TV-shows end, eventually :)

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French girl (Spoilers)

I think it´s great :) She´s very pretty - in an extraordinary way.

It´s true we didn´t see much of her in Harry Potter - but as far as I know we will see her in at least one of the last two movies (source imdb)!

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leigh in budapest ! (Leighton Meester)

I think it´s funny they use a Hungarian railway station as the Monaco one - everyone who´s ever been to Monaco knows it looks different :)

Anyways, great pictures, Leighton looks awesome!

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NEW UK PROMO (Spoilers)

Though I´m risking to get cyber-mobbed by several people (I clarify that I´m not a US-hating person or anything like that!):

This is so typically for the US. Filing complaints about sexual and/or illegal stuff being showed on TV - but everybody can buy a gun in this is a bigger taboo than violence. There´s something seriously wrong with these PTC and FCC people. They technically could complain about nearly every movie, because sex happens everywhere in the weirdest combinations. What about SAW or other violent horror movies - that´s not disturbing?! Jenny and Chuck are not related by blood - so their having sex is not illegal. Also he apologized for what he tried to do to her in the first season where he was clearly a different guy and has now improved to a better person.

The storyline is not misleading - because it´s fictional and a TV series. Everbody knows that´s not real life. And if they don´t, they should not be allowed watch TV. Do you honestly think if that storyline happens people will go around thinking "hey why not sleep with my half brother/sister because if they do it on the telly it´s okay if I do it!" ??





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