Two webclips from "Ex-Husbands and Wifes" (Spoilers)

Love they used Massive Attack´s "Paradise Circus" in the background - best song ever!

The second one I didn´t know - wow Serena can be so damn stupid! I really hate it how disrespectful she treats Rufus who was always nice to her.Also whatever she believes - Rufus never cheated on Lily. That I´m sure about.

Time to find out what that douchebag of a father´s really up to.

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Finale Picture of Chuck n Georgina (Spoilers)

It´ll only be the end of Chair for now.

Guys, come on. You know they´ll end up together in the end.

But seriously, how boring would GG be if they were together as a couple the whole time?

We need more action.

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