Shock to the System (Episodes)



They can't mess with Meredith and Derek anymore so they're messing with Christina and Owen.


Why have them get married if they're going to turn around in the next episode and ruin it!?

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Last nights episode 5/13/2010 (Episodes)

Alan Mandell

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Surprising PAST Roles for Grey's Actors

The Chief playing poker on the tv show Roseanne

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What was the first Grey's episode you ever watched? (Episodes)

It was the bomb episode for me too. Season 2: It's The End of The World.

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Now or never season 5 QUESTION (Episodes)

It's possible someone made a fan video somewhere on youtube where they spliced some images of george standing on a street corner (possibly a bus stop) from Season 2 episode 8 and pictures from the Now or Never episode in season 5 to almost recreate that scene since they never actually showed it.

Maybe you saw something like that.

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Time Warp; What did you all think? (Episodes)

I HATED the Callie segments.

I felt like it was such an embarassing departure from her character. She's always been a strong, independent and outspoken character.

She was once chief resident. It wasn't that she couldn't talk to large groups, she didn't like the beaurocracy of it all.

She once told Chief Webber off in front of the whole hospital and quit when he wouldn't make her an attending, shouting that he would "rue" his decision.

And then, suddenly she's this scatterbrained, inarticulate mess on stage while she's making her presentation.

It just didn't fit in my opinion.

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whats ur funniest ever episode/part in greys? (Episodes)


Mer: "I'm not going out with you."

Der: "Did I ask you to go out with me?"

Der: "Do you want to go out with me?"

Mer: "I'm not dating you. And i'm definitely not sleeping with you again. You're my boss."

Der: "I'm your boss's boss."

Mer: "You're my teacher. And my teacher's teacher. And you're my teacher."

Der: "I'm your sister, I'm your daughter..."

Mer: "You're sexually harassing me."

Der: "I'm riding an elevator."

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Grey's Anatomy Couples Shockers! (Spoilers)

1. Possible Marriage- Callie and Arizona

2. Threesome- Teddy (as seen in the promo)

3. Breakup- Christina and Owen

4. Drift Apart Because of Revealed Secret- Meredith and Derek (even though they're not in the pictures that was the whole point of their exchanges during "How Insenstive". Derek kept saying how Meredith needed to keep his secrets now that he's chief and that she couldn't tell Christina. Spoilers for the next episode reveal that she DOES tell Christina. So Meredith and Derek must drift apart because she promised him that he could tell her things.).

5. Misunderstanding- Baily and the Gas Man (if you've seen the promo Bailey might see the Gas Man talking to other women and think that he's sleeping around. But it's probably a misunderstanding).

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Who will die in season 6? (Spoilers)

I think Derek will "die" in the technical sense and then be resuscitated.

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