Top 10 Grey's epis (Episodes)

1) The Becoming (the first epi I ever saw, and still my all-time favorite--Cristina's speech about Burke was one of the most moving scenes in the series, and the gay soldiers' couple were amazing)

2) Time Warp--Bailey and her Nazi were hilarious, and the GRID/AIDS patient's case was so poignant. It made me understand Ellis and the Chief's relationship much better, too.

3) Into You Like a Train (that scene where Mer cries out, "what about her?" when they give up on Bonnie is heartbreaking)

4) Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (I, too, am a huge fan of that scene at the end where Mer, Izzie, George and Doc are all lying under the Christmas tree. It really speaks to how incredible this show was in season 2, and how close their bond as roommates was. Even though I've loved the seasons after, there's something so heartwarming about season 2 that I miss very much).

5) What a Difference A Day Makes (I cried my heart out at Izzie's wedding)

6) Stairway to Heaven (Ellen Pompeo should have won an Emmy on the basis of that scene after the serial killer's execution)

7) Time Has Come Today (esp. the scene where Derek comes into the kitchen and tells Mer he's in love with her)

8) Six Days, parts 1 & 2--I just adore the O'Malley family, and the scenes between George and Harold, esp. looking back now that both are gone, are just so heart-wrenching. There was a sincerity and integrity about George that I dearly loved and miss so much

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Who's going thru withdrawl already??

So, what is everyone doing to pass the time while in Grey's withdrawal? I have a hard time with it--I feel like something is missing in my life without House to look forward to on Mondays, and GA/PP on Thursdays. In the past, I've relied on reruns and making a long YouTube playlist from all the amazing songs on the show...what do you do? 

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~*~Spoiler Free~*~

Likewise! I so look forward to the new episodes on Thursday nights. It's one of my favorite parts of the week. I guess the fact that one of the cable channels in my town shows three hours of Grey's reruns every night kind of makes up for that,'s now back to the pilot episode, which means for the next few months, I can watch the show straight through! It will be awesome.

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~*~Spoiler Free~*~

I loved that episode, I thought it was epic. Sarah Paulson does have something of the fire and drive that Kate Burton had playing Ellis. And did you notice how J. August Richards and Sarah Paulson even have the same diction as James Pickens, Jr. and Kate Burton? That's partly what made them so realistic, in my opinion. Young Thatcher was quite the lookalike, tiny Mer was so endearing and believable (I'd have liked to see more of her), and above all, the stories, especially the GRID/AIDS patient one, were very well told. To think of all that doctors and patients had to deal with in those days--I thought the writers handled homophobia, sexism and racism very gracefully in telling that story. 

Also, who's excited for Bailey and the anesthesiologist (Ben?)? I am! That mirror scene was rather adorable.

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purple in each episode!

Maybe there is. Meredith wears purple quite often, I noticed, though I figure that certain characters just wear certain colors a lot (Mer--purple and red; Cristina--red and green, Izzie--pink).

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Princeton-Plainsboro OR Seattle Grace

You mean, as a working environment? I'd probably learn more at Seattle Grace, but Princeton Plainsboro would allow me independence and participation in the rather intriguing DDX process...that is, if I were actually a doctor. And House is AMAZING, so, I'd rather work at PP over SGH.

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Meredith's age!?!?!?

I read somewhere that the script from "A hard day's night" said she was 32 then, making her about 34 now. That sounds about right, since after graduating from college, she spent a few years traveling in Europe with Sadie, till she was at least 25, maybe longer (remember when she told Sadie, "we're not 25 and sleeping our way through Europe anymore"?). So then, after four years of med school and two of residency, she'd be about 31/32...she's now a third year resident, so maybe 32-33?

Also, Lexie is 24, and she was born after Thatcher left Ellis when Meredith was that would make Meredith at least 30, if not slightly older. 

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Jesse Williams / dr. Avery

Jesse Williams/Jackson Avery is unbelievably hot.

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Grey's to end with Season 7? (Spoilers)

I adore this show, but I don't know how good it would be if it ended up like ER, and the main characters started leaving, or like Friends, that went on way longer than it should have, until what was such a well-written, funny, heartwarming show devolved into something rather formulaic. I already feel like the show is missing something without George, and I don't even know what it would be like without Cristina or the others, for example. That said, it seems like GA is evolving into a show where they really are trying to integrate newer characters--they did very well with bringing in Callie, and Arizona is fitting in really well, too, so if they keep that up, it may still be on the air past next season.

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Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery

I adore the name Stella. I was actually thinking of naming a daughter that if I ever have one...way, way off in the future. Yes, celebrities name their children such bizarre things...Bronx Mowgli Simpson-Wrentz, for example. I mean, seriously?! 

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