Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

Rachel I love everything about her. Finn     Lovable sweet.  Love Finn and Rachel together FTW Kurt     Adorable s1, changed s2 deep and emotional, s3 lovable Santana  Love everything about her, just wish she was less mean and show her awesomeness. Puck    Love his individuality, lovable beneath his harsh exterior. Sam     Gentle, sincere, kind, handsome. Mike     Sweet, loving, giving, great to Tina, awesome dancer, sings good too. Tina     Love her gentleness, loyal, great to Mike, good friend. Will     Always there for the club, loves Emma. Emma  Sweet, loving, giving,loyal to Will and Glee. Mercedes  S1 she was 1 of my three favs(Rachel, Kurt,Mercedes) but she changed especially s3.  Not a fav of mine now.  Always love her voice. Sue     Loved everything about her s1, s2 she was too violent and bizarre, s3 she was hysterical in the xmas episode. Blaine  Love his voice,  he is good to Kurt but too good to be true IMO. Brittany  Too much child mentality s3 for me, loved her s1 and s2.
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The music was great especially Adele mash up.  The episode was not.  In fact, as much as I adored Santana s2 I have tired of her tirades and am repulsed by her out right defamation of character.  She has been written to be vicious and horrible.  As much as I don't like that she was outed, I do not feel any sympathy for her.  She was awful to Finn and Rory.  She laughed when she drew blood after dodgeball was over.  I will support a character who wants to be vicious just to hurt others for sport.  Using the excuse she is hurting inside because she is a "coward" to face it.  She insults everyone to the extremes but she was over the line toward Finn in the hallway.  She defamed his manhood, mentality, talent, and his talent abilities being a coat-tail in public for all to hear his insecurities.  He gave her a dose of reality to not be a coward.  I don't hate Finn in the least.  If Santana were a guy Finn would have beat the crap out of him.  But Finn was raised to not hit a girl so he always took her for not what she would say but consider the source thing.  Well, I'm a girl and I'd have slapped Santana to the next state and wouldn't feel any guilt at all.  Santana has never felt any guilt when outing anyone else's issues in public and never apologize either.  Finn had enough of the crap Santana was dishing out and spoke his mind justly too.  But it was in the same hallway as when Santana defamed and embarrassed Finn for all to hear. 

Puck/Shelby storyline is nothing but wrong/creepy/disgusting.  Quinn is crazy still.  Poor writing IMO on all counts.

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Favorite couple??

Yeah Tike especially since Asian F episode.

Love Puck without Q sorry NO QUICK




Mercedes happy NO Shane

I wish Sam was back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Favorite couple??

Finchel No matter what people say, they belong together Go Cory

Brittana Finally s3 episode 4 they belong together Go Naya

Klaine they belong together Go Chris

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Mercedes or Rachael?

@Irene Frances ... I agree with you about how Rachel has changed and really values her developed and cherished friendships with Kurt and Mercedes.  Looking at Rachel's face when she saw Mercedes at the wall posting the results of the new cast of WSS, Rachel's face was a look of bewilderment and sadness.  This is a place where Rachel has never been before.  Treasured relationships she loves  but now delving into the darker places that could harm these friendships to the core.  You're right she knew she lost and admitted it to Finn but was unable to admit it to Mercedes.  But the Rachel who is on screen now has changed dramatically since s1.  She'll probably never be free of all her selfishness but she has evolved into someone that Kurt and Mercedes cherish as a true friend.  Rachel's going through the learning process of balancing the value of said friendships and one's own needs.  Something everyone in life should learn about.  But getting the role by default just digs the guilt in deeper I think.  A real jolt to Rachel's conscience.  I think this is good for her.  And good for Mercedes as well being kicked out of Glee and retreating to Shelby will be humbling for her too.  I just don't look forward to a long distance separate storyline like Kurt s2.

As for Kurt and Rachel tension over her running for office I think she will drop from running for Pres.  She and Kurt both are delusional to even think either would win anyway.  All McKinley classmen want to do is humiliate them.  They laugh at Brittany to her face but I think Brittany and her popularity will win out in the end.

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Mercedes or Rachael?

As said above.  This is one reason I'm not looking forward to Ann Hathaway coming to Glee.  Too much Kurt so far this season as is.  Love Kurt but spread the joy with others not center another storyline around Kurt.  Gwynneth was enough.  Shelby serves a integral part to the show and is inportant in many levels not just Rachel Quinn and Puck.  Ready for more great Glee.

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beth reunited with puck and quinn

I think Quinn was so traumatized by giving up Beth causing her to go thru a mental issue that changed her personality in s2.  She was meek and broken most of s2 almost in an alternate world.  Never showing any emotions which altered her personality.  Rather see her agressive spunky and snarky.  Just seeing the promo of her in punk hair with goth clothing makes me feel she can't see the real Quinn anymore without help.  She is lost in a great depression.  She needs to come to terms with giving up Beth and that includes Puck.  Comes to terms with losing Finn for good.  And come to terms with her father's abandoning her.  Hope seeking out these deep rooted emotions will bring her back to herself again.  And be a better person in the long run.  These kind of storylines are dark and dramatic and will be good for Dianna to convey.  Will be interesting to see s3 how this plays out.  Maybe Quinn won't be raising Beth but I hope she evolves from her deep depression from the emptiness she feels for giving her up.  I know it's deep but so is the subject.  Dianna can pull it off.

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Who Do You Wanna See Dateing?

As always the 2 best most chemistry shown


then my next favorites



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Rachel&Finn Together till the very end?

Agree totally with you Maria.  I feel Rachel knows her own heart and will seek out her dreams on Broadway.  Finn is the one who has the self doubts this season.  This will be his storyline.  His self discovery I hope to realize his potential on his own merits and his dream is to be with Rachel wherever that is.  His ability to decide what kind of future he wants in life and what kind of vocation to live by.  Rachel is making headway into being a new person more adult and more responsible even though knowing what she wants to do with her life.

Finn's showed his lack of no self confidence when he told Rachel he didn't know how to dream big.  Rachel was so disappointed in her look.  I feel  Finn's inability do dream big for himself and to act out on his dreams are Finchel's bane for this season.  Not Rachel's crazy or her obnoxiousness.  With Finn Kurt Puck Mercedes Blaine and the rest of Glee backing her she realizes her own worth with no self doubts.  Just learning friendships.  This is where they compliment each other's personalities.  He changes her for the better.  This season She helps him change for the better.

I feel they are still volatile now especially Rachel with her verbage. Finn with his fast to the fore jealousy and his inadequacies.   I think by graduation all feelings will be dealt with they will be ready move on with their lives together.   Yes I'm so happy they are a couple and so very glad they are together and hope they stay that way.  I think the Glee club except for Quinn feels the same way.  Judging by the looks of Puck Santana Sam Quinn in the closing scene of New York.  Finchel will still have to face them periodically through the season about their ill timed reunion Kiss at Nationals.  Which I feel they lost was because of poor planning and preparedness and not just Finchel.

Hope for a great season 3 with great story telling.  Senior year for many hope it is fullfilling for all.  Love Santana too.  Hope for Pezberry friendship also.  Could be awesome.

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Naya Rivera Appreciation Thread

Season 1 I just couldn't stand her she was so mean.  But her 1 linersand her relationship with Britany was so good.  Just didn't see the interest in her then.

Season 2 OMG she is such a great actress and can sing beautifully.  She has become 1 of my favorite characters of the show.  Mid season til Born this Way episode she just grew on me til she knocked it out of the ballpark.  Glad to see her shine

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I'd said this in June and I still feel this way today.  I love Santana so very much I hope she will be on the spin off that so many people are talking about.  This would make my dream come true.  All my favorite characters to be continued for many years to come in New York.  It seems Santana will go through many changes during this past summer hiatus.  Cannot wait for a spectacular season 3 Senior year for many.  A culmination of hopes and dreams and I hope Santana will find hers.  I hope to see her future unfold before my eyes soon Glee and Beyond.

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