Give me 5 reasons to watch season 3.

i watch that because this program is realy like in the real life...

like when you in love with someone and then he is break up with you for yor best girlfriend everr!

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navid + naomi

navid &naomi gonna be togetherr!!!!!!!!!!!!

if someone not believ me he can wait to the third season :)

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perfect girl for liam

i defintly think that the perfact caples are :




and :   dixon+ivy

well... i know that no one from them will stay together but they are realy perfact together <3

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jessica lowndes

woww this page ia amazing :)

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lian & annie

this is so clear that liam & annie will be together in the next season!!!

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jessica lowndes

i did a page about her and i will be very happpy if you come to this page and do like...

thank you :)



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